Further to the announcement that the University’s exam timetables will be released on the 4th April, below is a statement from the Exams Office:


We do appreciate the concerns of students preparing to take exams in the Summer Term.

Work on the exam timetable cannot start until Spring Term module registration is settled at the end of week 3. The timetable must be constructed from scratch each year as the numbers of students sitting and the combinations of modules being taken are different.  Last year’s exam timetable included over 47,000 instances of a student sitting a paper and we expect this year’s timetable to be on a similar scale. The timetable is published before the end of the Spring Term each year.

The date of 4 April was given as the latest date when the timetable would be available to students and we are working very hard to ensure that it is ready as soon as possible before then.

We publish information on our website at the start of the academic year about the exam periods for their Part (eg postgraduate students 18 April – 26 May), and this should enable them to begin planning revision. It also enables international students to identify those periods of time when they need to be here to take exams.  Students will obviously need to include all modules with exams in their revision and the University normally expects students to be in Reading until the end of the academic year.

We are continuing to work on the timetable with the aim of publishing it by the end of the Spring Term.

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