Vending machines around campus will be upgraded this Easter following the appointment of a new vending machine provider.
Ideal Vending were recently awarded a contract to manage the vending provision across the University estate.
All existing vending machines will be replaced with brand new ones over the Easter vacation period. Up to 60% of the new machines will accept cashless payments as well as cash – all forms of cashless payment will be

Machines in the busiest areas will accept cashless payments

accepted with the exception of the Campus Card.

Cashless payments include:

  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • Apple Pay
  • Android Pay

Cashless payment will be available on all high-usage machines, including the SportsPark, Bridges Hall reception and Park Group reception.


As part of the relocation of study space from the Library into URS, old vending machines inside the Library building will be removed and their new replacements will move into the URS Building. All vending machines based in URS will accept cashless payments.