The Exams Office has now released exam timetables for the summer term 2017.

Accessing your exam timetable

To view your personal exam timetable, visit the RISIS webportal and log in using your usual ITS username and password, followed by your RISIS security password.

Once logged in, click on the “Information” tab at the top of the page and then click on “Exam info”.

The Exams Office will contact you with the location of your exams nearer to the time.

If you have any difficulty accessing the RISIS portal or you have forgotten your security password, please contact the RISIS team by emailing

Exams guide – What you need to know

Once you have viewed your exam timetable, you will need to read the exams guide.

The guide covers important things like what you should and shouldn’t bring with you, rules about behaviour in exams, exam venues and what to do if you’re ill on the day.

Remember, you MUST NOT have a mobile phone or smart watch on your person during an exam. If you are caught with one in your pocket – even if it is switched off – it will be considered cheating and you will be at risk of getting a mark of zero for the exam.

If there are any errors on your exam timetable, please contact the Exams Office immediately by emailing

For more information, visit