April 2017

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Got some queries about whether your calculator is okay for your exams, or need to buy a new one?

The University allows a small number of permitted calculator models to be used in exams.

The following models are accepted:

  • Casio FX-83GTPLUS or Casio FX-85GTPLUS
  • Any calculator that already has a foil sticker
  • Any other calculator specifically permitted on the question paper

The recommended models are widely available (retail price around £12) and Campus Central and Blackwells should stock them.











From week 2 to 8 (28 April – 2 June) there will be exams in building 22 and the Great Hall on London Road Campus.

Due to high demand there may not be parking spaces available in the London Road carpark.

To make your exam day as stress free as possible, it’s worth planning ahead and having a look at public transport.

Take a look at:


The Police and University Security services have reported a recent increase in bike thefts on campus and in the Earley area.

To ensure your bike is as secure as possible, please follow the below advice:

  • Use D-locks to secure bikes (most thefts are due to poor quality locks)
  • Be vigilant, especially in the hours of darkness
  • Take photographs of your bike and the serial numbers (this will help track down stolen bikes and return them to owners)
  • Report any suspicious activity / crime to the Police on 101 or to University Security



If you have tried to make your module selections for the next term, you may have noticed that you are not yet able to.

You will only need to access module selection if you are a full time undergraduate student based at the Whiteknights Campus.

This message is not relevant to:

  • Part 2 students going on a placement
  • Students based at another campus such as Henley Greenlands, CEM, or Malaysia
  • PGCE students
  • Postgraduate students

For those needing to access module selection, please be aware that it will be available by 12 noon tomorrow (Thursday 20 April) via the RISIS web portal.

If you have any questions get in touch by emailing studentcomms@reading.ac.uk.

For more information on selecting and changing modules, visit the programmes and module pages on Essentials.

Much of the study furniture from the Library has relocated to the URS Building.

The URS Building now provides students with a contemporary and versatile space to work and study – it includes around 800 spaces (including 145 computers), work areas for collaborative, quiet and silent study, and several key facilities from the Library Building.

Including URS, students can now access over 1,700 study spaces across our Whiteknights and London Road campuses.

URS Building key features

In URS you will now find:

  • Library Information Desk: For general and registration enquiries, located on the Ground Floor.
  • Study space: A variety ofstudy areas – group, quiet and silent – are available on the Ground and 2nd Floors.
  • Study Advice and Maths Support: Get help withstudy skills and maths on the Ground Floor.
  • Course Collection: Find key texts for your modules in the Course Collectionon the Ground Floor.  Holds are also available to collect here.
  • IT Service Desk and facilities: PCs and printing facilities are available on the Ground Floor.  If you need help, just ask at the IT Service Desk there.
  • Café Libro: The Library’s popular café is located on the 2nd Floor of the URS Building.
  • Opening Hours: The URS Building will adopt the 24 hour opening during term (except closing 21:00 Saturday to 08:30 Sunday) as is currently the case in the Library.

Take a look at the map and floor directory to see what’s been moved where.

Preparation of the space

The relocation was carried out over the Easter vacation – during this time, several new improvements were made to the URS building in order to make its study environment as welcoming as possible:

  • Rooms have been configured to meet a wide range of study needs – you’ll find individual study booths, group areas, quiet study spaces and more.
  • We have improved several of the building’s existing features in order to make it a better place to study – new lights have been fitted to make studying easier, and south-facing windows on the Second Floor have been tinted to deflect heat.
  • We have balanced creating a maximum number of spaces with ensuring that students can study in comfort and safety. Health & Safety guidelines recommend that URS holds a maximum capacity of 800 students.
  • Our job as a University is to provide students with comfortable spaces to study, and we believe that URS will prove to be a popular home to Library study space until summer 2018, when facilities will move back into the Library Building.

Why has the space moved?

Relocating study space and facilities from one to building to another posed several benefits.

Moving study space from the Library into URS will provide a quieter environment for study while still being close enough to borrow and use materials. It also means we can carry out more work inside the Library than previously planned, and so will complete the refurbishment around six months earlier.

With URS in such close proximity to the Library, you won’t have far to take the materials you’ve just borrowed from the original Library building for studying.

Library Building key features

The Library remains open for use – inside you will still find:

  • Printed materials: All printed material (other than Course Collection) will remain inside the library for borrowing or reference.
  • Library staff: Although Library staff are now based in URS, they will still offer a Help Point by the Library entrance and Information Desks on the 2nd and 4th Floors.
  • Opening Hours: The Library Building will open 09:00-22:00 seven days per week during term time. URS will be open 24/6+ during term time (closed Saturday nights).

Construction work will continue in the Library Building whilst we strive to complete the project as soon as possible, so you may experience considerable noise whilst using this building.

Alternative study space across campus

Including URS, there are approximately 1,700 spaces to study on campus (subject to teaching timetabling and departmental use).


Keep in touch

While we have taken great care to ensure that URS meets your needs, we appreciate that there may be more to improve over the coming weeks.

Please pass on any feedback or comments to library@reading.ac.uk.

Further information

A dedicated URS Building guide page has been created to help clarify exactly what has moved from the Library. It will be kept updated by our Library team, who will also share regular news and updates via the Library blog. The Library opening hours page lists opening times for both the Library and URS buildings.

Further details of the Library’s major £40 million refurbishment can be found on our Library Refurbishment Project webpage: www.reading.ac.uk/library/refurb.


The University Quiet Period will run from 6pm on Sunday 16 April until 6pm on Friday 09 June. The Quiet Period is a time during the summer term each year when the University and RUSU actively encourages students to be mindful of the noise regulations set out in Section 5 of your Hall handbook. The bulk of University exams take place during the summer term and the Quiet Period is enforced in order to ensure that the disturbance of students and residents in the local community is kept to a minimum.

What’s involved?

Throughout this period, when students are involved in revision and examinations, Halls’ normal noise regulations are strictly enforced. (See your Hall Handbook for further details)

Be conscientious, and don’t put up with others who aren’t

Offenders against the noise regulations may expect to be fined £50. Other disciplinary sanctions may also be applied. Persistent offenders may be required to move out of the Hall.

Simple things you can do to help

Here are some steps to help ensure peace and harmony over the exams period:

  • Don’t make noise in communal areas in halls (such as kitchens)
  • Keep quieter when on your way to and from venues
  • If your neighbours knock and ask you to keep the noise down please don’t dismiss them
  • During exam period – remember there are many students that will have exams both before and after you so please be considerate when you’re lucky enough to not have any exams!

Find out more about the University expectations of student conduct.

Students are reminded that the University will be closed on Wednesday 12 and Thursday 13 April in addition to the Easter bank holidays on Friday 14 and Monday 17 April 2017.

All buildings across campus will be closed during this time. The University will reopen on Tuesday 18 April – the first day of the Summer Term.

You won’t be able to access the University facilities during this time.

Important Contacts

Estates & Facilities: Extension 7000 (internal), or 0118 378 7799 for emergencies and out-of-hours. Email fm-help@reading.ac.uk.

IT: Telephone: Extension 6262. Email it@reading.ac.uk.

Security Services: Whiteknights House, north entrance, ground floor. Extension 7799 (internal), or 0118 931 6300 if calling from outside the University or for emergencies. Email securitycontrol@reading.ac.uk.

Term dates and a full list of University closure days can be found at the Dates of term and enrolment page.


In the meantime…


Hope everyone is having a great break, see you in the Summer Term!

For students looking for study space on Whiteknights campus this weekend, the Library will be open on Saturday 8 April and Sunday 9 April.

You can access the 5th Floor Silent Study and the Ground and 1st floors. On other floors, books are accessible Librarybut there is no study furniture.

If you want access to a computer, you could try 24-hour labs in other buildings:

  • Agriculture (GL20) – 30 PCs
  • Meteorology (GL68) – 20 PCs
  • Palmer (G09) – 20 PCs

RUSU’s The Study will be open until 9 pm on 8 April, but will be closed on 9 April.

On Monday 10 April and Tuesday 11 April, the University will be open as usual. You can continue to use the 5th Floor Silent Study and Ground Floor in the Library – but the large PC room on 1st Floor will be closed on 11 April. (Rooms 108 and 107 will be open)

The Study will close at 5 pm on 11 April.

Between 12 April and 17 April, the University is closed for Easter.

When it reopens on 18 April, study spaces will be in the URS building. There will no study spaces in the Library.

We understand that the next few weeks will be busy, and there are other spaces you can use to study when the University is open.

  • Free Room Finder will help you identify available rooms in nearby buildings like Miller, Edith Morley, Allen-Lab or Palmer. These rooms can be booked through Room Bookings (email: rooms@reading.ac.uk; phone – 0118 378 6507).  If you are prefer to use a room in some other part of the campus or on London Road, Free Room Finder will help identify a suitable room.
  • There are also a number of alternate study spaces around the campus that could be used.

For further information, see the Library Refurbishment Project page at www.reading.ac.uk/library/refurb.