July 2017

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A section of pedestrian pathway near the site of the Engineering Building will temporarily close from Monday 17 July 2017.

The foot pathway will be closed from the boiler house to the area adjacent to car park 12, next to the recently-demolished Engineering Building at Whiteknights campus.

Car park 13 (in front of the Harborne Building) and the road nearby will remain open, but the area will only be accessible to cars and other vehicles.

An alternative pedestrian route from the zebra crossings by the Pepper Lane entrance will be signposted.

An update on footpath access around the area will follow as early as possible.

The activity forms part of works for the creation of the University’s new Health & Life Sciences Building, which is due to be complete by summer 2019.

Refurbishment work in and around the Library building continues over the summer vacation.

One of the main tasks being carried out over the next few weeks is the demolition of “stair 2” – the staircase housed behind hoardings on the right-hand side of the building as you walk into the Library through the front entrance, adjacent to the male toilets, (south side of the building).

The demolition will be carried out in progressive phases, moving from top to bottom of the structure. Noise levels are likely to be high, depending on the works being carried out. The bulk of the noisiest demolition works are planned to be carried out before the start of the new academic term.

Study space across campus 

You can find details of study space across campus on the Library refurbishment project page: www.reading.ac.uk/library/refurb. This includes around 800 spaces available in the URS Building, and other campus rooms available for immediate use, which you can find through the Free Room Finder.

Keep checking the Library blog for the latest refurbishment news and updates.

Details of the Library facilities available in URS (including services, map and opening times) can be found on our dedicated Library@URS page.

All of the above can be easily accessed through our Library refurbishment project page: www.reading.ac.uk/library/refurb.

The stair case is being removed so that new, larger lifts can be installed.