We are pleased to announce that we will be creating over 100 new study spaces across our Halls of Residence which should be ready for use in the New Year.

We understand study space is a priority for our students and have been working to identify opportunities to create additional spaces where possible. This new project will see the University working with UPP to refurbish a number of currently underutilised spaces in our Halls, and to install new furniture to create a productive study environment for students.

The locations of these new study spaces are as follows:

  • Wessex Library
  • St Georges Computer Room
  • Wantage Computer Room
  • Stenton JCR
  • Childs JCR
  • Mackinder JCR

As these spaces are located in Halls, their use will be specifically for student residents and their guests. We believe the spaces will provide a convenient study option for students living in Halls, whilst also freeing up space elsewhere across our campuses.

Work is scheduled to start in January 2018, with the aim that the spaces will be open by the end of February. As with all building work scheduled around Halls, any noisy works will be limited to take place between 9am and 5pm.


Study space across our campuses

We have provided some helpful resources to make it easier for students to find a suitable space to study. These can be easily accessed through our Library refurbishment project page, and include:

Library staff in the URS Building at the Information Desk or Reception will be happy to try and help or advise students looking for study space.

Full details of the Library refurbishment, including FAQ, project summary, latest news and study space links, are available on our dedicated project website: reading.ac.uk/library/refurb.


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