Spring Term Week 2 Highlights


Application forms with Careers. 1-2pm. Carrington 101.
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CV, LinkedIn & Networking. 1-2pm Allen Lab G09.
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Study Abroad Q&A: Australia. 2-3pm. EM227.
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Introduction to the RED Award. 5-6pm. Carrington 101.
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R U Not Drinking Much Society Film Night.  7pm. Palmer 104.
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Study Abroad Q&A: Asia. 10-11am. EM227.
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Finding Summer Internships and Placements. 1-2pm. Carrington 201.
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Interview preparation: small group workshop. 5-6pm. Carrington 203.
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Reading Film Theatre – Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool (15) 7.45pm.
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Study Abroad Q&A: Europe. 12pm-1pm. EM228.
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Army Officer career opportunities. 1-2pm. Palmer 105.
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Application essentials: CVs, covering letters, application forms. 1-2.30pm. Palmer 107.
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Writing up your dissertation. 2-3pm. Palmer 103.
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Solving equations: linear, quadratic, exponential workshop. 2-3pm. EM G74.
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Volunteering drop-in with RVA. 12-3pm. Palmer G05.
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Assessment centre skills session led by Mondelēz. 1-2pm. EM 126.
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Managing you online presence. 1-2pm. Carrington 101.
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Primary Teacher Recruitment Fair. 4.30-6pm. IOE.
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Reading Film Theatre – De Plus Belle (12A) 8pm
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RUSU School Outreach Project – University Visit.

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