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Month: February 2018

Spring Term Week 6 Survey


Take a look and complete the final Week 6 Survey of the year. Your feedback is vital to ensuring that you have the best experience at university.

Complete the survey here.

RUSU’s 3Sixty set for refurbishment

Popular Whiteknights campus nightclub 3Sixty Is getting its own refurbishment, with upgrades set to improve audio and visual equipment, accessibility and décor.   


As part of Reading University Students’ Union (RUSU), the 3sixty refurbishment will see upgrades to the club’s key features, including cutting-edge audio/visual systems, better access and general improvements to facilities and décor.

The project is subject to planning permission at this stage, with the University looking to invest almost £2.9m into improving the club’s facilities. Though funded through the University’s 2026: TRANSFORM capital investment programme, the project is very much steered by RUSU, who have involved students in the designing of the project from its beginning.

Work is due to start in late March, after the end of the spring term, and is due for completion by the start of the next academic year.

The nature of the work taking place means that 3Sixty will close during the refurbishment – however, Mojo’s Bar, Café Mondial and Monterey Lounge will all remain open and will host many of the events already planned for the summer, including regular Wednesday and Saturday Union nights. The Graduation Ball on 18 May and Summer Ball on 9 June will both go ahead as planned.

Details of upcoming RUSU events are available on RUSU’s events page and 2018 events calendar.

Tristan Spencer, President of RUSU, said:

“We are delighted to be developing our nightclub for the benefit of our membership. We look forward to opening an improved area next academic year, which will provide students with a better club experience, more function space for our sports/societies, and improved access and safety.”

We will keep you updated as the refurbishment progresses over the coming months.

Student Volunteering Week – Make Your Hours Count

The National Student Volunteering Week will be taking place from the week beginning Monday 19th February. This week celebrates the contribution and impact of student volunteers and encourage even more students to get involved.

Volunteering is an excellent way to help you make the most of your University experience and whether you have a few hours to spare in the week or only have time to give at the weekends, there will always be a wide range of volunteering opportunities available.

These could range from one-off events through to those with a longer term commitment and Employers will view volunteering as just as valuable as paid work… which means that it will be as equally valid on your CV.

There are a lot of personal benefits to volunteering, including: gaining relevant experience for your CV; meeting new people and making new friends; developing your skills; and many more! However, as well as the benefits that volunteering can have for you personally, you can make a really positive impact on the local community.

Remember… if you are volunteering, make your hours count by signing up to the RED Award!


So, just what is the RED Award?

The Reading Experience and Development (RED) Award is the University’s Employability Skills Certificate and it is here to help you make the most of the extra-curricular activities on campus, as well as focusing on your own employability.

There are five simple steps that you need to take in order to achieve the RED Award:

  • Register under the ‘Actions’ tab on the RISIS Portal
  • Complete 35 hours of Core Activity
  • Complete 10 hours of Volunteering
  • Complete 5 hours of Training and Development
  • Attend a RED Award Completion session (Book your place via the RISIS Portal)

The RED Award is open to all students and will support you to gain experience and stand out from the crowd in an increasingly competitive job market. Those who go on to complete the scheme will receive a certificate, as well as having the achievement recorded on their diploma supplement annex.

Since September, over 1000 students have signed up to the RED Award… isn’t it time to find out what you are missing out on? Get started today by signing up on the RISIS Portal.


Want to find out more?

Check out the RED Award website or email us at

Come along to the ‘Introduction to the RED Award’ session on Thursday 22nd February at 1pm.

Book your place at the 1:1 Volunteering drop-in with Reading Voluntary Action to discuss volunteering opportunities. Places available between 2pm and 4pm on Thursday 22nd February.

Spring Term Week 7 Highlights


R.U Not Drinking Much Society: Games Night – 7pm – Palmer 104
Find out more here.

UNGOP Special Event with Andrew Gilmour – Hear the United Nations’ top diplomat on human rights speaking about the challenges facing human rights today. Talk followed by Q&A session. 4pm-6pm. Chancellors Building G07.
Admission Free, but booking is essential. Book your place today.



Reading Internship Scheme introductory session. 1pm-2pm. Carrington 101.
Sign up here.

The Hidden Job Market. 1pm-2pm. Carrington 201.
Book your place today.

Bible Study – GLORY 18 Concert. 7pm. 3Sixty.
Find our more here.

Reading Film Theatre – Screening ‘The Disaster Artist’ (15). 7.45pm-10pm. Palmer Building.
Get your tickets today.

Comedy Central Live ft. Richard Gadd. 7:30pm. Mojo’s Bar.
Purchase your tickets here.



Getting started with LinkedIn. 1pm-2pm. Carrington 101.
Sign up here.

UROP information session. 1pm-2pm. Palmer 1.05.
Find out more here.

Application essentials: CVs, covering letters, application forms. 5pm-6.30pm. Palmer G.02
Register your attendance here.

Study Advice: Getting it all done in time. 2pm-3pm. Palmer 103
Sign up here.

Maths Support – Exam questions on differentiation and integration. 2pm-3pm. Edith Morley G74
Click here for more information.

Library Support – Beginner’s EndNote Web. 2pm-3.30pm. Palmer G05B
Find out more here.

Islamic Society Geometry Workshop. 3pm. Palmer 105.
Get your tickets today.

FLUX. 10:00pm. RUSU
Click here for more details.



MBTI – Understanding your personality. 1pm-2pm. Carrington 101.
Find out more here.

Finding summer internships and Placements. 1pm-2pm. Palmer 1.06
Click here for more details.

Introduction to the RED Award. 1pm-2pm. Palmer 1.05
Book your place here.

Volunteering drop-in with RVA. 2pm-4pm. Palmer G.05
Click here to find out more.

Reading Film Theatre – Screening ‘Lost in Paris’ (Paris pieds nus) (12A). 8pm-10pm. Palmer Building.
Purchase your tickets here.

RUSU Quiz & Karaoke. 7:30pm. Mojo’s Bar.
Click here for more details.



RED Award completion session. 1pm-2pm. Carrington 201
Register your attendance here.

Message from Vice-Chancellor: Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS)

In the light of the proposed strike action by the University College and College Union (UCU) on changes to the Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS), I thought it might be helpful if I laid out my position as Vice-Chancellor of the University of Reading.

Read the full open letter to staff and students

It’s Valentine’s Day

On the 14th February every year, many of us make an extra effort to show our affections and spend quality time with our loved ones. Whether that be with your significant other, a friend or even a family member, Valentine’s Day is essentially about being around those that you care about. It is also custom to give loved ones special gifts on this day, such as a card, flowers or chocolates.

But where did this tradition all start? The day gets its name from Saint Valentine from the Ancient Roman times, however he is a mysterious figure and we have many different stories about who he really was. However, it is popular belief that St Valentine was a priest from Rome in the 3rd Century AD. The Emperor at the time, Emperor Claudius II, was a military minded man, and strongly believed that married men made poor soldiers, and he therefore forbid marriage. Valentine saw this as an injustice and arranged marriages in secret. Emperor Claudius discovered Valentine’s actions and imprisoned him and sentenced him to death. Whilst in prison, Valentine fell in love with the jailer’s daughter, and when he was taken to be killed on 14 February he sent her a love letter signed “from your Valentine”.

Eventually, the Christian Church combined the story of St Valentine with the Roman festival of ‘Lupercalia’ which took place in February. During Lupercalia, boys drew names of girls from a box and they would proceed to be ‘boyfriend’ and ‘girlfriend’ throughout rest of the festival, which sometimes led on to marriage afterwards.

Gradually, St Valentine’s name started to be used by people to express their feelings to those they loved.

Here are some ideas of how to spend this Valentine’s Day with your loved ones:

  • Go out for a meal at a restaurant
  • Watch a movie
  • Go for a walk (weather permitting!)
  • Have a day out somewhere new
  • Cook a meal together
  • Go to the theatre or a gig
  • Spa/pamper treatments


It’s Pancake Day!

A great debate amongst family and friends on Pancake Day is always what’s the best topping: apple and cinnamon, banana and chocolate or the traditional lemon and sugar… Whatever your preference, pancakes are eaten and enjoyed throughout the UK on Pancake Day. But why did this tradition start and where did the humble pancake originate from?

Pancake Day, or Shrove Tuesday, is a traditional Christian feast day that always falls on the day before Lent on Ash Wednesday. Traditionally, Lent is a time for fasting and so Shrove Tuesday became the last opportunity to use up ingredients in the home, which were predominantly eggs, milk and other fats, before the fasting for Lent began. Pancakes are an ideal and easy way to use up these ingredients.

Pancakes are traditionally thin and are cooked in a flat shallow pan, which means they can be ‘flipped’ easily to ensure both sides are golden when they are cooking, however it is common in North America for pancakes to be thicker.

The link below is a simple pancake recipe for you to try out today. Get flipping!

Spring Term Week 6 Highlights


Life Tools Talk ‘Increasing Memory and Concentration’. 2pm-3pm. Palmer G05. No need to book just come along on the day.
Email for any questions.

LGBT History Month Event – ‘Policies and Support Strategies for LGBT+ Staff and Students in HE’ – Round Table Discussion. 4pm-5pm. Chancellor’s G04.
Email Katherine Harloe ( to book your place.

LGBT History Month Event – ‘Queer Classics: Sexuality Scholarship & the Personal’ lecture. 5.15pm. Edith Morley G27.
Find out more and book your place here.



Life Tools Talk ‘Look After Your Mates’, (supporting friends struggling with mental health). 11am-2pm. Carrington 101.
Sign up by emailing

Reading Film Theatre – Screening ‘I Am Not A Witch’ (12A). 8pm-10pm. Palmer Building.
Click here to purchase tickets.



Reading Film Theatre – Screening ‘Tropicália’ (12). 7.45pm-10pm. Palmer Building.
Purchase your tickets here.

Purchase your tickets here.



LGBT History Month Event – LGBT+ Allies Information. 12pm-1.30pm. Van Emden Lecture Theatre.
Email Sinead O’Flynn ( to book your place.

Reading Film Theatre – Screening ‘Stronger’ (15). 7.45pm-10pm. Palmer Building.
Click here to purchase your tickets.

Quiz & Karaoke. 7.30pm start. RUSU.
Find out more here.





Alumni Fundraising Scheme

Are you keen to forward plan? Would you like to secure yourself a role for when the examinations period ends?

The fundraising team is preparing for the Alumni Fundraising scheme which will start 1st June and they are looking to bring on board a new cohort of student fundraisers.

The telephone campaign lasts for 3 weeks and calling takes place on weekday evenings (Mon-Thu, 6pm – 9pm) and during the daytime at weekends. You will be expected to work for at least 3 shifts a week (two weeknights and one weekday), and attend two full days of training, which take place at the weekend before the campaign starts.

The aim of the telephone campaign is to keep alumni in touch with news from Reading today, encourage them to remain in contact with the University, and ask for donations. Our donors enhance the student experience by supporting bursaries, scholarships and student focused projects that would not otherwise be possible. All telephone calls to alumni are made by current students at the University, under the supervision of the Campaigns and Supporter Engagement Office.

What are the fundraising team looking for in their new student fundraisers?
– Excellent communication skills
– A good level of spoken English
– Attention to detail
– Data Entry
– Previous telephone handling experience is highly desirable however training will be provided
– Previous experience of utilising negotiation/ persuasion skills or fundraising experience is highly desirable
– Ability to commit a schedule of shifts

Pay Rate = £8.19/hour + Holiday pay of 12.07% 

Apply here.

Spring Term Week 5 Highlights


CV Workshop. 1pm-2pm. Carrington 101.
Sign up here.

Interview Preparation: small group workshop. 1pm-2pm. Carrington 203.
Register today.

Finding a Placement. 1pm-2pm. Allen Lab G09.
Book your place here.

Chinese New Year Gala, 7.30pm, 3sixty.
Find out more here.



Lunchtime Lecture – ‘From Knowledge to Wisdom: The Urgent Need for an Academic Revolution’ 1pm. Palmer 103.
Click here for details.

Finalist Career Hacks 3: Master your job hunt. 1pm-2pm. Palmer 1.05.
Sign up here.

Reading Internship Scheme introductory session. 1pm-2pm. Carrington 101.
Book your place here.

Identifying Areas of Interest for Placements/Placement Providers. 1pm-2pm. Allen Lab G09.
Find out more here.

RED Award Completion Session. 1pm-2pm. Palmer 1.04.
Click here to sign up.

Careers in Cyber Security. 5pm-6pm. Palmer 1.04.
Click here to book your place.

Comedy Central Live ft. Fin Taylor. 7.30pm. Mojo’s Bar.
Get your tickets here.



Annual Chaplaincy Lecture – ‘This Evil Thing’. Marking the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War, the Chaplaincy is hosting a remarkable one-man play exploring what happened to those who refused to fight. 7pm. LO22 London Road Campus.
Register your attendance.

Introduction to the RED Award. 1pm-2pm. Palmer 1.04.
Sign up today.

Don’t just Google it! Finding the reading you need. 2pm-3pm. Palmer 103.
Click here to find out more.

Beginner’s Desktop EndNote. 2pm-4pm. Palmer G05B.
Click here for more details.

Integration: standard methods and results. 2pm-3pm. Edith Morley G74.
Learn more about this event.

Logs: understanding the basic laws. 2pm-3pm. Edith Morley 127.
Find out more here.



Working with Nature. 1pm-2pm. Carrington 101.
Book your place today.

Managing your online presence. 1pm-2pm. Palmer 1.06.
Sign up today.

RUSU Quiz & Karaoke Night. 7.30pm. Mojo’s Bar.
Click here for more details.



Tony Lee: X-Rated Hypnotist. 8pm. RUSU.
Purchase your tickets here.

RU Not Drinking Much Society – Film Night! 7pm. Palmer 104.
Click here for more information.



Pole Fitness taster – This girl can, and boys can too! 12pm. Yoga Studio, SportsPark.
Find out more here.

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