The University is pleased to announce the launch of our renewed Teaching and Learning Strategy 2018-21, developed in consultation with students, staff and the Reading University Students’ Union (RUSU), which sets out our two strategic priorities for the next three years as follows:

 1. Delivering academic excellence through our new Curriculum Framework: 

a. Reviewing our Curriculum to ensure our programmes align with our core academic and pedagogic principles, supporting our students to enable them to develop the essential attributes for 21st century lives, including:

i. Increasing student engagement with academic study through best practice approaches to supporting students to become independent learners.

ii. Evolving our approaches to teaching and learning, in particular incorporating the wider use of new Technology Enhanced Learning methods.

iii. Developing robust assessment practices and providing effectivefeedback, allowing students to continually improve their learning.

b. Developing our portfolio of programmes to diversify into new areas and delivery methods and consolidating provision where necessary tosupport growth and maintain sustainability.

 2. Offering an outstanding student learning experience by:

a. Supporting all members of our increasingly diverse student body to participate positively in the University’s teaching and learning community from transition through to completion.

b.Providing our students with the best possible curricular and co-curricular personal development opportunities that enable them to reach their full potential.

c. Equipping students with the aspirations, confidence and skills to become highly employable graduates who are sought after by employers, both nationally and internationally, and are able to respond to diverse opportunities and challenges.

Read the full strategy document here.


How you can get involved

We work closely with RUSU and the Academic Rep network to inform our teaching and learning activities and strategy. We’re always keen to hear student feedback, as well as to hear from students interested in being involved with future focus groups or other similar sessions.

To get involved, please email or contact Ed White, RUSU’s Education Officer, at