Not sure if or when you need to pay council tax?


Who is exempt? 
Households where everyone is a full time student are exempt from paying council tax. This meaning if any resident is not classified as full time or is studying under one calendar year, then that individual is required to pay council tax. A full time student must be on a course that lasts at least one year and involves at least 21 hours of study per week. By visiting–Advice/Fees-and-Money/Council-Tax students can find all the relevant information regarding council tax.


I’m not a full time student – can I get a discount?
Yes – you may be eligible for a 25% if you do not meet the requirements for a full exemption.


When am I classified as a student? 
Your student status is applied from your course start date through until your course end date. If you are unsure of these, please refer to your Certificate of Enrolment.


When do I start paying council tax? 
Once a student’s course has ended, you will be required to pay council tax. Many people are often under the impression they are a student until they graduate; however this is not the case and therefore you are not exempt from after your graduation date as some may think.

For example, if the course end date is 8th June 2018 then you will be required to start paying council tax from 9th June 2018 as opposed to your graduation date.


What happens if I get a bill? 
Sometimes council tax bills are sent in error if your local council have the wrong information. If you receive a bill, you must check that you meet the requirements of being exempt. If so, contact your local council as soon as possible to prevent further bills and payment reminders. They will require evidence.

If you’ve received a bill and you do not meet the requirements, then you will be liable to pay. If you are unsure as to what reason you have to pay, please visit or phone your local council.


Where can I get proof that I’m a student?
Please visit your RISIS portal to find your Certificate of Enrolment. This document outlines your student status and can be provided to the council as evidence to eliminate you from paying tax. Please ensure that if you print this certificate, it must be done in colour otherwise the local authorities will reject it. The document is already signed and stamped so no need to visit a Support Center or Student Services Reception. If you do not have this facilities on your RISIS portal, please speak with your Student Support Coordinator.


Useful Contact Details
Reading Borough Council
Civic Offices
Bridge Street
0118 937 3727

Wokingham Borough Council
Civic Offices
Shute End
RG40 1BN
0118 974 6000