We’re proud to be one of the safest universities in the UK (according to the 2018 Times Higher Education Student Experience Survey) but it’s still important for you to take precautions to look after yourself while on and off campus. 

Our professional security team are here 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, working to keep you safe. Their team of more than 50 staff offer a range of services, including:

  • Mobile and foot patrols of campus areas. You’ll be able to spot the team in their red, high-visibility jackets or marked cars, throughout the day and night. If you see them out and about, say hi and don’t hesitate to ask any questions.
  • CCTV monitoring. Both our Whiteknights and London Road campus are equipped with an extensive CCTV network, streaming to the 24 hour control centre located in Whiteknights House.
  • Chaperone Service. If you’re walking through campus at night, you can ask Security to keep an eye on you through their cameras (our ‘Hawk Eye’ service) or meet you in person to walk you to your accommodation or car. Find out more online.
  • Security advice. The team have produced extensive advice on topics such as personal safety, vehicle safety, bicycle safety and more. Do take the time to familiarise yourself with this advice on our website.
  • Safe cycling. Many of our students and staff use bikes to get around and our Security team have produced a safe cycling webpage, providing hints and tips on how to keep your bike safe and well maintained.


Your personal security – top tips

  • Save the following useful telephone numbers to your mobile phone:
    • Campus Security: 0118 378 7799
    • Campus Security – for emergencies: 0118 378 6300
    • Emergency Services: 999
    • A registered local taxi service (Yellow Cars work with RUSU on their Safe Taxi Scheme – see below)
  • Avoid being out on your own after dark and, if you are, stick to well-lit streets
  • Let your friends known when you are going out, where you are going and roughly what time you expect to be back
  • Organise your journey home, either with a friend or in a registered taxi if you are out late at night
  • Register for RUSU’s ‘Safe Taxi Scheme’ to get home safe if you run out of cash
  • If you feel threatened or in danger, call the Security team
  • Report any incidents or suspicious behaviour to the Security team (by phone on 0118 378 7799 or by email at securitycontrol@reading.ac.uk)


Street Support Scheme

Our Street Support Scheme aims to help you feel safe and supported in the local area when socialising at night. The team works in the residential streets around campus between 10am and 4am several nights a week, primarily based:

  • in the streets between Upper Redlands Road and London Road
  • in the streets between Bridges/Wessex Halls and Wokingham Road
  • in the streets between Northcourt Avenue and Christchurch Green.

They’re highly trained and wear branded University of Reading jackets so do say ‘hi’ if you see them around.


CallMy alert

We’ve launched, CallMy Alert, a mass notification app as part of our continuing investment into making our campuses safe places to study and work. CallMy Alert is free to download in Apple, Android and Windows app stores and will enable us to alert our students and staff about any significant threats to life and safety on campus.

To download the app, visit your app store and search ‘CallMy alert’. After installation there is a simple verification process to follow and you’ll need to add the group name ‘UoRalert’.