Winter is well on its way, and the mornings and evenings are getting darker – this means a few added dangers when travelling. Here are a few simple tips that will help you stay safe this winter.

Safety for Cyclists

Darker mornings and evenings mean decreased visibility, and so for your own safety and that of those around you it is vital that you are easy to spot in the dark!

By law you must ensure that you have front and back lights on your bicycle when cycling in the dark. This ensures not only that other vehicles can see you more clearly, but also pedestrians when you are using shared paths. You can buy a set of lights for your bike in Whiteknights House or from Security Services online for just £7.

Wearing a Hi Vis vest is also a great way to make sure that you are visible to other road users when cycling in the dark. These can also be purchased online for £2 from Security Services, and are available for collection in Whiteknights House.

Remember that when you are dealing with decreased visibility or difficult weather conditions, it can help to slow down and take a little bit more time than usual to make sure you are fully aware of what is going on around you.

Personal Safety

If you find yourself having to walk in the dark, try your best to stick to well-lit areas and avoid isolated spots. If possible, arrange to travel with a friend, or let your friends know where you are going and what time you expect to be back home.

Remember that having headphones in will restrict your senses and make it more difficult to notice traffic and other people around you.

Chaperone Services

The University occupies a very large space, and there may be times where you feel vulnerable working or studying at night. There are two kinds of chaperone service available for you to book if you will be walking alone on campus at night and would like some extra reassurance.

Hawk Eye Chaperone: When booked, Security will be able to watch over your journey on campus with CCTV. You can contact them at the beginning and end of your journey to confirm that you have reached your destination safely. To find out more about the service and to book, click here.

Personal Chaperone: When booking a chaperone, security will decide with you whether it would be best to use the Hawk Eye Chaperone service, or have a personal chaperone. When you have booked a personal chaperone, security will give an approximate time to meet and will walk you to your destination or accompany you by vehicle, depending on your destination. Click here to find out more and book.

If you wish to use the service or need further advice please call security on 0118 378 7799

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