Sport in Mind is a charity that believes that sport can help people experiencing mental health difficulties. The charity runs a variety of sport sessions on a weekly basis around Reading and the Berkshire area. The charity aims to simply help and support as many people as possible through their free sessions.

Mental health at university is a serious and very important topic, and Sport in Mind recognised that students could really benefit from their sport sessions. Along with other students, I volunteered to work with Sport in Mind to set it up as a voluntary RUSU society so that all students could access free sport sessions on campus.

The goals and passion behind the society is to help any student experiencing mental health issues and to raise awareness of mental health. We really believe that sport is an excellent way to take your mind off of the stresses of university life, make new friends and release endorphins that trigger positive feelings. Yoga, tennis and badminton sessions are run weekly and are led by sport coach professionals.

Below are some quotes from volunteers and students that have attended Sport in Mind sessions:

“Sport in Mind is a great charity to be involved in and I’m very excited to be part of an organisation raising awareness of the importance of sport for wellbeing and improved mental health and my experience so far has been very enjoyable. I can’t wait for the activities and events that we will plan in the future and to further get people involved in a great organisation.”

“I believe sport in mind is a great charity which focuses on a very current issue – mental health. It’s a unique and great idea which doesn’t only promote a healthy mind, but a healthy body also.”

 Our sessions are open to all students at the University and completely free. Please do come along to a session if you’re experiencing feelings of stress, anxiety, or depression, or if you’d like to try sport to help boost your mood and promote positive mental wellbeing.

If you want to know more, you can contact us at:

Leyla, President of the Sport in Mind society