Big White Wall – free, online mental health support for Reading students

The theme of this year’s University Mental Health Day is about the power of using your voice and inspiring open and honest conversations about how you’re feeling.

But we also know that some people aren’t ready to use their voice to talk about their mental health yet – and that’s ok.

Opening up and sharing takes a lot of courage, so please know that you have an alternative space to express what you’re going through, without any fear or judgement.

The University has teamed up with online mental health service, Big White Wall, to provide 24/7 community mental health support. You can explore how you’re feeling in an anonymous environment and share how you’re feeling with a supportive online community.

It’s important to know that you’re not alone, and that there are others going through similar experiences.

All University of Reading students can register for free using their University email address. For more information, visit

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