Congratulations to all the students who have finished exams and best wishes to those still studying. We know many of you will want to relax and enjoy the summer before the end of the year, but if you are living in privately rented accommodation, please do be considerate to your neighbours who are still getting up early to go to work and who may have young children going to school. You may also have student neighbours who are still sitting exams.

Landlords and neighbours have also asked us to pass on the message to not sit on flat roof extensions or drag furniture out onto it. Some of these roofs will not support the weight and may collapse. Additionally, this is intrusive for your neighbours.

If you are planning to hold house parties, please let your neighbours know in advance and if it is on a week night, please keep the music indoors with the bass low after 11pm. Terraced housing is often thin with little insulation, so many people will be disturbed by loud noise after 11pm.

We don’t want to stop you having fun as we appreciate you will have worked hard all year, but please respect your neighbours and be considerate when you are socialising late at night.

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