Tuition Fee Scam

The University of Reading and other universities across the world have recently become aware of a tuition fee payment scam targeting international students from China.

The fraudsters, are offering to pay students’ tuition fees directly on behalf of the student at a discounted rate.

The fraudster makes a payment to the university on behalf of the student and instructs the student to pay them the reduced tuition fee amount.  The payment to the university is subsequently dishonoured, as the fraudster has used a fraudulent credit card to make the payment.

Victims of this scam lose the money they paid to the fraudster, and will still be required to pay the full tuition fee amount to the University. We will also be obliged to report any fraudulent card activity to Action Fraud as per our responsibility for taking card payments.

To avoid being a victim of payment fraud, we advise the following;

  • Only use a payment method that has been approved by the University. Approved payment methods can be found here
  • Do not give out your University username and password to third parties
  • Check your account regularly to make sure you recognise all transactions being made

If you have any questions about payments please visit our payment FAQ site for further help and contact details.

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