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Review: Autumn Enhancement Week 2015

Enhancement Week runs every year at Reading, and it’s a brilliant opportunity to spend some time doing the things you might not be able to do so easily when you leave university.

Whether it is a group workshop to improve your confidence or a museum trip to compliment your studies, Enhancement Week is a break from your routine and a chance to learn new things. This Autumn we had an activity filled week! See the highlights below for more details on how it went.

Academic highlights: Monday to Wednesday

On the academic side, your departments and schools have been busy offering alternatives to your usual lectures. We’ve had everything over the past week, from biological drawing for the terrified to a trip to Stone Henge, whilst the Philosophy department asked ‘what is philosophically puzzling about colour’, along with other topics.

Beyond profit: Thursday

Enhancement Week was also a chance to go beyond your subject and think outside the box. Graduate schemes and large, corporate organisations are a common destination for students after university, but we recognise that this isn’t for everyone. Whether you want to work for a not-for-profit organisation, teach, or work in the arts, Thursday’s Beyond Profit event showcased the brilliant array of possibilities open to you post-graduation! Highlights included keynote speakers such as Rhianna Dhillon (Radio 1), and panel discussions on a variety of topics including, Alternative Science Careers and Museums, Libraries and Archives.

Breaking down barriers: Friday

After a busy week, RUSU were on hand to offer the chance to relax and get to know your union better. We were happy to see lots of students having a go at the Sports and Societies Swap, including a ballet and rugby switch! An engaging debate was held on the topic of “Are sports clubs responsible for lad culture?”, and this was followed by lively performances from Ballet, Swing Dance, Tap & Modern and singer-songwriters.


The week was wrapped up with some festive fireworks, which went down well with students, staff and the local community!


All in all, we hope that this Enhancement Week was a chance for you discover new skills, be inspired by your chosen subject, and have fun!

The next Enhancement Week will be in the Spring term, 15-19 February 2016. Save the date, and watch out for further information!

Autumn Enhancement Week, 2-6 November



Between the 2 – 6 November, this year’s Autumn Enhancement Week will take place.

This term time, week-long event offers a break from your studies, and an in-built chance to try something different and develop your skills or interests. The week includes departmental events such as field trips, and developmental activities, from CV check to TED talks!

And after a busy but enjoyable week, RUSU is running its Friday Festivities.  Come along to relax, recharge, and enjoy live entertainment and fireworks!

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