Top Tips on Settling into University

Third Year Theatre Arts Education and Deaf Studies student, Alexander shares his top tips on Settling into University.

Welcome to Reading! Settling into university can be daunting, especially if it’s your first time living and studying away from home. It can take time, but here are some top tips to help you out.

· Make your room look and feel ‘homely’. Put up posters and pictures on your noticeboards, bring your bedding from home. It may sound like a small thing but having things you recognise from home help you to feel more settled and relaxed.

· Go out to social events, even if this seems daunting to you or you are exhausted from travelling and unpacking. You don’t have to go out drinking, there is something for everyone at uni!

· Join a society, club or sport – Reading has many different options, from Arts and Crafts to Qudditich! The best way to meet people who share the same or similar interests to you is to join something to attend on a regular basis. It’s a chance to switch off from study and even try something new.

· Check out where your nearest shops are and how to get to them. Look up the different walking, cycling and bus routes you think you may need to use. When travelling by bus in Reading you need to have the correct change as the drivers on Reading buses can’t give change. You can also use the ‘SimplyUni’ card that you top up online and scan when you board the buses.

· Agree with your new flatmates how you want to organise items such us washing up liquid, cleaning materials etc. It sounds like a small thing, but sometimes people assume an item left on the side is for communal use. Discuss with them to see if people would be happy to buy their own, take it in turns to buy or share the cost between you.

· Register with a GP – even if you’re one of those lucky people who never gets ill, it’s still worth registering!

· Look into extra-curricular things, for example volunteering and the Reading Experience and Development (RED) Award. These can help you gain new skills, meet people and looks great on your CV.

· Explore Reading. It’s always good to break out of the student bubble.

All the best with your course!

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