Balancing Week 6


Week 6 is fast approaching, and as much as it seems to be a blessing in disguise, many people struggle to decide what they are going to do with it and often end up having an unproductive week of Netflix and binge eating – I’m not here to judge. However, as I’m going into my third year I thought I’d suggest my top three tips on how to make your Week 6 as productive as possible.


  1. Catch Up

Being essentially a university week without lectures, Week 6 is a great time to catch up on work and get ahead on any deadlines you may have. Planning out work in a to-do list or timetable can be a useful way of clearing your head and will help you use your time more effectively. And there is no better buzz than telling your course-mates you’ve already finished that essay due in week 11 – Saturday Union anyone?


  1. Relax

As much as Week 6 is about having extra time to work, it is also a great opportunity to take a break and relax. You’ve had five whole weeks of university so far, and the hardship of walking from student accommodation to Agric is probably getting all too much. Therefore it’s ok to visit family and friends and spend a few hours a day vegetating on the sofa – just don’t start a new 24 season TV show and spend the whole week trying to complete it. It’s easily done.


  1. Go to talks

I know what you’re thinking, does anyone attend the optional lectures in Week 6? However, from first hand experience I believe they can often offer really valuable opportunities that most students miss out on (see above: Netflix and binge eating). They also usually include free goodies, and who doesn’t love free goodies? Professional Track is a scheme run for Literature and Languages students which offers talks during Week 6, on things such as placement and volunteering opportunities. On attending one of these in my second year, I learnt that previous students have managed to get placements in impressive companies such as Vogue! In Week 6 I am personally attending a workshop run by lecturers Shelley Harris and Mary Morrissey to “Supercharge [My] Essay Writing”. With the black cloud of dissertation looming over third year students, talks such as these run by the English Literature department can be invaluable in improving your writing style & planning and in gaining crucial marks, and it’s likely that your department has similar events on too.


So those are my three top tips for living your Week 6 experiencing to the max! Try your best to balance yourself between these three things. Definitely do not over-work yourself – if you find you need time off just trust your instincts (unless your instincts tell you to spend your student loan on a week long trip to Las Vegas, then you reevaluate your instincts).

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