Ways to Avoid Procrastinating


We’ve all been there where we are really struggling to motivate ourselves to complete our work. Sometimes it’s important to have a break because otherwise we get burnt out and resent studying. But sometimes we need to find strategic ways to help us stay more focused. Here are my top tips on how to avoid procrastinating:

  • Have a ‘spring clean’ of your phone apps. As much as you may love them, ask yourself are there any that I find far too distracting and don’t desperately need? If so, delete them! Honestly, I found that when I’ve deleted distracting apps from my phone I’ve been able to stay a lot more focused. Sometimes, just simply changing your notification settings can also be a huge help. There are many apps out there that can help you to stay more focused. One that I’ve enjoyed using is called Forest. You set a timer for the amount time you want to stay focused, the app will then start to grow a virtual tree. If you unlock your phone, the tree will die. Sometimes even when my phone is on silent and no notifications are popping up, I’m still tempted to look at it. There are days where I just have to stick to put it away somewhere. “Out of sight out of mind”!
  •  Go somewhere that you will do work. If studying at home doesn’t work for you, go to the library or use one of the other study spaces on campus. If you like studying with friends, but it’s too distracting – you may need to consider studying independently, unless of course you are doing group work with your friends – but make an agreement to keep each other on track.
  • Have something in mind to reward yourself with after a long study session.
  • Keep your ultimate goal in mind: to leave uni with a degree to your name.
  • Think about why you are procrastinating… sometimes I procrastinate because I am tired and lacking the energy I need to do my work. Therefore, sleep is very important, and I know we all get sick of hearing it, but it’s so true – we try and survive on much less sleep than we actually need! Other times I procrastinate because I don’t enjoy certain tasks or find them really daunting. I find thing to do is to get those tasks over and done with first, in order to get a weight off my shoulders and then I’m able to look forward to the tasks that I enjoy and find less daunting!
  • Put up motivational/inspirational posters and notes to yourself – this is something I’ve found useful and also it helps to make your room to look better. You can buy some fantastic posters here.

Hope these tips help and all the best for a successful procrastination free year!

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