Top Tips on Being a Good Neighbour


As a Second-Year student, I am undergoing my first year in private rented accommodation and one thing I have learnt is the importance of getting on with neighbours. Not only does it mean there is less tension between locals and students, it also means you have some support if you have an emergency in your house. We had rats in our back garden and somehow this brought us and the neighbours together; although they were angry at first, we explained we were in the process of sorting the situation. Our neighbours actually ended up helping us by ringing up the council and our lazy landlord; in the next few days the landlord finally got pest control to come around- being nice to your neighbour can benefit you as well! Here are my 5 top tips on being a good neighbour:

1. Be friendly
Introduce yourself to your neighbours; if they are also students you may have lots in common with them and you could build new friendships. If they are local to Reading, being friendly can put them at ease and build the community between locals and students.

2. Be clean and tidy 
Find out when rubbish collection day is and remember to bring bins back off the street after the rubbish has been collected. Bag your rubbish properly and keep your house clean so you don’t attract vermin.

3. Keep noise levels low
You’re not in halls anymore- not everyone around you wants to party 24/7! If you’re planning a party, let your neighbours know so that you can work out a time and date that works okay for both of you- Friday or Saturday nights might be the best day as your neighbours are less likely to have work or school the next day.

4. Take responsibility 
If you do get any complaints, take responsibility for them. Apologise and let your neighbours know that the incident won’t happen again, otherwise they may get the University involved which could lead to disciplinary action.

5. Be considerate with parking 
Ask your neighbours about the parking policy and make sure you don’t take up your neighbour’s spaces. Don’t block roads, driveways or garages and make sure you stick to speed limits when driving around your neighbourhood.

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