Tackling the January Blues


Oh the January blues… Christmas is over, the weather’s not getting any better, it’s time to go back to uni… we all experience it. But you can beat those blues, with these tips:

  • Remember that before you know it, the weather will be getting better and the days will be getting longer. The dull weather can drag you down, but looking forward to Spring and Summer can help.
  • Wrap up warm and get some fresh air… there is something about being outdoors and enjoying nature, that can really help to lift energy and mood.
  • Some people find exercising can lift mood… for me that’s just going for a short walk around the nature reserve in Earley, but for some of you it might be something a little more vigorous!
  • Continue doing things that you enjoy outside of your course. It can be easy to get into an eat, sleep, study, repeat routine… but having things that help you relax and socialise are important. Maybe you could start something new this month. If you’re not part of a club, society, or sports team at the moment or you already are but fancy joining more, check the Essentials page. There is also information on there about volunteering, RUSU and sports.
  • See your new year’s resolutions as a positive. Look at them as a way of positively improving something in your life, rather than a heavy weight of “I must change this!” Try not to burden yourself with them and beat yourself up if you’re struggling with them, it’s a case of one step at a time… you have 12 months before setting the next ones!
  • Think about how much you have achieved. This should help to motivate you through the next few months.
  • If you’re struggling being back at uni, think about what motivates you to be at uni, the modules you enjoy or are looking forward to. Remember, that you worked hard to get here and you deserve to be here! If there’s a club or society or group of friends that really help to get you through, keep getting stuck in with that. I have met some great people in Reading, and spending time with them really motivates me. Remember that if you are struggling, you can also talk to the University’s Wellbeing Team.
  • Continue to keep in touch with friends and family from your hometown. Sometimes we just need to hear a familiar voice. I really love using Skype and FaceTime to keep in touch with people… It’s so nice to see and hear somebody live in front of you, even when they’re miles away!
  • Change your bedroom around, to give it a new look. Put up some new pictures or posters that will make you smile, reminisce, and motivate you.
  • Treat yourself! If you have any monies or gift vouchers that were given to you over Christmas, use them to get yourself something you will love.


Hope these help you to have an uplifting Spring term. If any of you have any tips for more ways to tackle those blues, post a comment below!




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