How Much Do You Know About Campus Jobs?


So, we’ve all seen the posters and adverts for Campus Jobs around uni, but what actually is it? Here’s the good news, it’s something super useful and easy to use if you’re looking for some part time work while you’re studying.

If you’ve been at Reading for a few years you may remember the old system of student employment which included lengthy paper timesheets, early pay deadlines and a generally slow system. Fortunately, there’s been a make-over of the whole set-up and now Campus Jobs exists meaning finding work on campus is really quite simple.

If you’re looking for a job it’s normal to have a look online and probably find dozens of part-time, evening and weekend positions down at the Oracle and in town, but as a student being committed to working every weekend, even through holidays, is a real downer. Campus Jobs only advertises roles on campus (hence the name) and as the uni is the employer, they know you’re a student and your studies come first. They also know you have other time commitments and the jobs on there often have hours to suit most people whilst all being in a convenient location – campus. The timesheets you have to fill in with what shifts you’ve worked are now online – phew! It’s so simple to do on the computer and doesn’t feel like a whole other piece of work to be doing just to get paid.

All sorts of jobs are advertised on there and the website’s updated frequently so it’s always worth checking back if you didn’t find anything that interested you that day. Different types of jobs that might be on there are things like bar staff, catering staff, open day ambassadors and many other things that could give you really useful work experience to add to your CV too, whilst being paid! Some of these jobs operate on a zero-hour basis so you’re never roped in to doing shifts if you’re too busy or have too much work, which is pretty ideal. Also, any extra pounds always help towards a good night at Union!

Visit the Campus Jobs website here

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