Zumba Class at SportsPark


January is known as the time when everyone attempts to be a little healthier, and I attempted this last week when I tried my very first Zumba class at the University SportsPark. Zumba has rapidly grown in popularity as a fun and innovative way to exercise. It is a Latin inspired dance fitness class that I have always thought about trying as I am interested in both dance and music, but never got around to it. So last week I made it happen. I am already a member at the SportsPark so I just needed to book myself in on their app and turn up.

The class was held at the SportsPark in the dance and yoga studio which is the studio nearest to the front desk at 1pm on Monday. There were roughly 15-20 people there of varying ages and fitness abilities. Some people in the class, like me, had never been to a Zumba class before, which was reassuring for me. The instructor was energetic and bubbly and once she started the music she took us through a short warm-up routine. After the warm up we had a quick water break then moved on to a dance that focused on working our core to the beat of the music. Then we did an arm routine and leg routine with a water break in the middle. I particularly liked the way the class was split into sections that focused on different parts of the body. After legs we did a quick whole-body routine before stretching and cooling down.

The class was 45 minutes long, but it felt a lot shorter as the time went so quickly because it was so fun! I’m going to return to this class next week for round two.  If you like music and dancing and are looking to add some exercise into your week that isn’t a tedious run on the treadmill, then maybe I’ll see you there!


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