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As this week is Student Volunteering Week let me tell you about how I volunteer as a Course Rep here at uni. You’ve probably heard tons from your lecturers about running to be a Course Rep, as did I, which led me to become the Part 2 Course Rep for Italian Studies. This means I represent all the second-year students who study Italian and their views at meetings with School Reps and lecturers in an effort to improve the course where needed.

There are Course Reps for every year of study so all students can get involved if they want. All you need to do is nominate yourself on the RUSU website, write a short manifesto and let your course mates know you’re running so that they can vote for you online!

I chose to run to become a Course Rep as it’s a fantastic thought to think your opinions and thoughts as students are being heard and considered by your own department, but also it’s a great thing to add to my CV. Here are some examples of what I can now add to my CV in terms of skills too:

  • Working using my own initiative and creating ways to get representative feedback from students
  • Processing information into a useful format
  • Being able to effectively present information
  • Having experience in participating in formal meetings

It’s actually a really satisfying role and I really enjoy finding out what students have to say about their lectures whether it’s good or bad, and then helping the lecturers decide how they can solve any problems. Course Reps attend one meeting a term, so there isn’t a huge time commitment either, meaning fortunately it’s quite easy to balance alongside other commitments.

A massive benefit of being a Course Rep is that I am able to help make effective changes to my course that will hopefully improve the course for myself, my course mates and others who come to study at Reading in the future! Also, it can be quite social when I’m finding feedback, and I get to know my course mates better which is always a plus!

The uni has so many opportunities to volunteer which you can check out here online at home, there’s something to suit everyone! Being a course rep, just like loads of other volunteering roles, often doesn’t even feel like volunteering or work, just something satisfying to be part of that can make a positive difference to yourself and others whilst you have fun!

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