Dealing with Exam Stress


So, you’ve made it through all the lectures, seminars, practicals, labs and coursework deadlines but are now rocketing towards your exams feeling about as calm as Trump’s hair in the wind? Don’t fret! By following these 5 top tips you’ll be well on your way to nailing your exams without any undue stress.

  • Make a timetable – Ok so this is hardly the most exciting top tip of all time (unless you’re the colour it in and cover it in glitter type of person…) but will definitely help you in the long run. Having a revision timetable will help you feel like you’ve got everything under control and make sure you’re revising everything in equal amount. Not only that but when you’re panicking about things you can look back and see how much revision you have actually done!
  • Get some you time – Revision is important, but so is making time for you! Just because it’s exam season doesn’t mean you have to stop doing what you love – make sure you’re still attending society/sports events and don’t cut off contact with your friends. If you cut off doing the things you love, not only are you going to feel very lonely but you’ll also definitely start hating revision even more. Having a well thought out timetable will help massively with this!
  • Don’t neglect sleep – In the run up to exams (especially the last few evenings) it can seem like a really good idea to revise late into the night and burn the midnight oil so to speak, but more often than not this isn’t the best option! Getting a good night’s sleep means you’ll be able to concentrate more effectively for longer periods, not only that but being sleep deprived has similar effects to being intoxicated with alcohol! You wouldn’t go into an exam after a bottle of vodka (I hope…) so don’t go into one sleep deprived either. Rest up – perform better!
  • Eat well – A good top tip for any time of year but especially during exam season! Eating well will make sure you can perform at your best, so cut the chicken dippers and chips and go for a more wholesome and healthy meal; not only will you feel less hungry (which, let’s face it, is distracting at the best of times) but you’ll perform to a much higher standard.
  • Be realistic with yourself – Revising every topic in one day just isn’t realistic (trust me, I’ve tried!) so make sure you’re setting realistic goals. Not only does this mean you’ll actually cover a topic completely but when you look back on your revision at the end of the day you’ll feel a lot better knowing you’ve finished one topic completely as opposed to all 10 in parts!

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