Easter Plans


Easter Holidays are the 23rd March- 18th April, just in case you don’t know and are not counting down the days, you have three weeks off. I am going to tell you about what I am doing and how to make the most of your break:


Skiing Holiday:

Les Arcs, France skiing for a 1 Week.

Skiing means I get hot chocolates constantly and some exercise, but I also have to balance my university assignments. Tricky I know, but planning is key. Ski from 9:30-4:30 and then before and after dinner, plan in to do assignments – Done.

Exercise which is fun like skiing will benefit your mental wellbeing as endorphins get released, which boosts your mood! You don’t just have to go skiing to boost your mood, any form of exercise is great!



So unusually I have no exams – lucky I know. However I have lots and lots of assignments which make up 40% of my degree. Finding the time to do these can seem hard when you have other commitments like holidays, trips, family events and catching up with friends. My main piece of advice is: timetable and plan. When you have one in place everything seems so much more achievable and relaxed. For example:

Wednesday 4th April:
Note: use the Pomodoro technique in the hour slots.

10:00 Assignment 1
11:00 Assignment 1
12:00 Lunch Break 1 hour.
1:00 Assignment 2
2:00 Assignment 2
2:30 Walk to town
3:00 Catch up with friend for coffee
4:30 Walk Home
5:00 Evaluate what assignment needs more work and get settled down.
5:15 Assignment which needs more work
6:15 Assignment which needs more work
7:15 Get ready for dinner
8:00 Out for Dinner with Family
10:30 Organise work area for next day


I have even given you a link straight to an online timer: https://tomato-timer.com/ but you can also use your phone timer if you prefer.


London Trips:

I am going to London Zoo and Bounce which is a ping pong place. Obviously, lunch is essential so I’m off to Borough Market by London Bridge where there is plenty of choice, and then I am walking along Southbank where there is always something happening.

I’m also treating myself to dinner at the Ivy Soho Brasserie and Duck and Waffle because we all deserve a treat after a long term of working hard living off beans and rice.

London has something for everyone, and it’s super close to Reading, approx. 35 mins to London Paddington! It couldn’t be easier to go so you really have no excuse not to explore the City.


Catching up at Easter:

Going home for Easter means seeing your nearest and dearest and enjoying your time with your family.

Make sure you factor in some time to relax as it is the Easter BREAK after all. So make the use of it, if you love lie-ins enjoy some.


Overall, Balance is Key. There is so much to do over the Easter holidays which are all important, so don’t forget one vital aspect that makes you happy.

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