8 Tips On Relaxing And Unwinding This Term


It’s the Summer term – which marks the start of a busy period for a lot of students, however don’t fret because you can get through this! Sometimes it can feel like you have to be working non-stop, but the work/life balance is key. National Relaxation Day is on 15th August, but everyday should have a period of relaxation, even on the really hectic days! Here are some ideas to help you rejuvenate…


  • Release any tension that may be in your body. Stretching, yoga and pilates can be beneficial. Classes for these (and Yogalates) are available at the uni SportsPark.


  • Researchers at the University of Essex have discovered the 15- 20 minute walk at lunchtime can improve well-being and sleep, which as we all know are important areas to look after when we’re studying hard.


  • To do lists and done lists. Some people hate to do lists, or may dismiss the idea, but it can have great benefits! It can help you feel less stressed and more focused. A ‘done list’ can improve your mood and make you feel a sense of achievement – I’ve certainly found both very useful.


  • Adult colouring books. Most of you are probably aware of the recent trend of adult colouring books. I have found colouring really relaxing and a useful activity to do before bed. I want to encourage the men among you, that it’s totally fine for a guy to enjoying colouring and arts and crafts in general! Even if you think you’re not very creative or skilled with arty things, give it a go. You can buy a variety of colouring and craft materials cheaply from The Works.


  • Listen to music. I certainly find listening to music relaxes me, especially when it’s one of my favourite songs and I know it well and enjoy the lyrics and rhythm.


  • Tea and a chat. Sometimes just a quick catch up with your bestie over a cuppa is a great way to have a break from studying I usually go to Coffee Under Pressure (C.U.P) in town, tucked away next to Reading Minster, on St Mary’s Butts. Highly recommended!


  • Eating foods that contain tryptophan, for example nuts and cheese. Check out this article that explains more, and gives other tips for relaxing.


  • Try to go as technology free as possible. This is a tricky one, and one that I definitely haven’t cracked yet, but I want to! It’s not just eye-strain, but screens are so stimulating and our devices are full of distracting apps, that’s hard to switch off. Of course, there is nothing wrong with sitting down and watching something to relax, but sometimes it can be good to try tech free relaxation.


Obviously we all relax in different ways, and what works for one person might not work for another. Some of us find it easier to relax alone and others prefer to relax with others. This could vary from day to day and I believe that trying to get a balance, between time alone and with others is important. If you want more information and advice on relaxing and unwinding, check out the Life Tools talks at the University. If you have tips, post a comment below! Good luck for this term and I hope it will be a happy and health one for you!

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