Revision Tips for the Exam Period


As the exam period draws ever closer, the need to revise becomes more and more urgent. But as any student will tell you, forcing yourself to revise is no easy task, as the abundance of free time the study period offers most students leads to a high risk of distraction. But there are definitely ways you can keep focused on studying!


Separate your work space from the place you relax

It’s hard to convince yourself to do work when you’re in a room or place you’re used to sleeping or having fun in, so putting yourself in a new environment is a great motivator for ensuring you get your work done. For some, this can be as simple as moving into a different room in the house, but there are also numerous study spaces open on campus if you prefer a starker change, such as the temporary library in URS or the Students’ Union building.


Take focus breaks

Remaining engaged with your work is a struggle of its own. Everybody has their own individual tolerance for being able to focus, and figuring out how long that period is – 15, 20, 30 minutes, or higher – is vital to knowing when to take a small five minute break and compose yourself before returning to your work. During this break, it’s also important to not do anything that will distract yourself longer than your allotted break time. Do something short, sweet, with a strict time limit, to avoid trailing off from your work.


These are two small tips, but both go a long way as far as to ensuring you have a solid revision schedule which keeps you on top of your work and focusing for as long as you need to. It also helps to be healthy, so your mind remains clear and open to new information, so be sure to eat and drink water regularly, as well as not to study too late into the night.


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Be sure to keep all this in mind during the exam period. Good luck!



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