Farewell Reading!

Finalist Geography student, Jack, shares his highs and lows of his time studying at the University of Reading…

After 3 years of hard work, turning up to every 9AM lecture (mostly), working on essays and reports in all hours and spending the occasional night dressed as something weird and wacky on a questionably sticky RUSU floor… my time at University is drawing to a close. Its been an emotional journey and somewhat of a rollercoaster but I wouldn’t change it for the World. As part of my reflections I’ve been looking back over some of my highs and lows of my time at University:




  • Field Trips – Some of my best memories at University come from the unbelievable field trips I was lucky enough to be able to go on. From climbing Mount Vesuvius to nearly sliding down a crevasse in Iceland trying to save an iPad… I’ve travelled the World with my friends and some truly amazing academic minds, advancing not only my knowledge but my character and personality, making me a much more well-rounded person.


  • Junction11 Radio – Those who know me personally know I literally cannot go anywhere without music, wherever I go, music follows. Junction11 Radio has given me a platform to share my love of music with a whole host of likeminded individuals as well as broadcast a show with one of my best friends out to the World across the internet (some people even enjoyed it! So much so, we won 2 awards for our work!). After university I’m planning to keep presenting on the radio back in London on hospital radio before hopefully progressing to a mainstream station.




  • Campus – A definite high of university has been the opportunity to study in such a great location. I’ve really enjoyed being able to walk through the Harris Gardens and amazing wooded spaces this campus has to offer. Also, and most importantly, who doesn’t love seeing some goslings and cygnets in the lake?!?!


  • Meeting People – Finally, I’ve met some of the most remarkable people during my time at university who I know I’ll keep in contact with for the rest of my life. These people have inspired, pushed and stood by through thick and thin and I just want to say a massive thank you!




  • Pressure – The pressure at University can be intense. I think this is a low for me as I didn’t always deal with it in the best way and should definitely have made more use of the information and support RUSU has to offer and would urge everyone to have a look at the sessions on dealing with stress if finding it difficult to manage a heavy workload/pressures of university life.




  • Tonsillitis – Everyone’s body deals with stress differently, some people get shorter tempers, some withdraw, some don’t show it at all, me? I get Tonsillitis. Seriously, I had this at least once a term (which, because I couldn’t speak for a few days, some people looked forward to…). On a serious note, it’s really important to listen to your body not only at university but in life in general. Make sure you’re eating well, getting enough sleep, exercising and finding some time for you – it’s not easy but strike the right balance and you’ll be performing well, feeling great and acing life!


Plan for the future


After graduating I’m planning on having a week away with the family before starting work on the 16th July at Generation Change, a London Based charity striving to improve youth social action across the sector and ensuring charities are committed to continual learning and improvement.

But for now, all that’s left for me to say, is thank you and farewell Reading, its been a blast and an absolute honour!


Jack x