Want to be the sharpest tool? Try Life Tools!

Student Liam explains why he thinks you should head along to a Life Tools session…


(Please forgive that awful pun.)

Hi guys, Liam here, I just thought I would inform you on a really helpful (and free!) programme known as Life Tools.

But what actually is Life Tools, Liam?
This is a programme that runs during the academic year and features a wide range of lectures to assist you in improving your academic skills, ensuring you are your healthiest self, and preparing you for the working world (also known as ‘The-World-That-Must-Not-Be-Named’).

Some examples of upcoming lectures include the following:

  • Successful Strategies to Manage Academic Pressure
  • Ways to Stop Procrastination and Finish Your Work (Gosh, I might need to attend this one)
  • Mind-body Conditioning: the Benefits of Exercise.

How can this programme benefit you?

The great thing about Life Tools is that the lectures are wonderful and diverse—much like the community at the University of Reading—which ensures that you are bound to find something for you.

For instance, if you are a student with a good work ethic, you may still benefit from a presentation on mindfulness to unwind a bit. Furthermore, it would be understandable if you were feeling a bit nervous about socialising at university. If that is the case, there is a lecture on building your confidence to address that.
These are just a few examples of how Life Tools can develop your know-how in various facets of life. Additionally, this programme has a few added bonuses: you do not have to book in advance to attend these lectures, you can just turn up; and your presence at these lectures counts towards the Red Award!

(A taster of what you could learn from a Life Tools lecture.)

My personal experience with Life Tools:

In 2017, I attended two Life Tools lectures that focused on getting a healthy amount of sleep and strategies to cope with academic pressure. From those lectures I have learnt how to maximise sleep in a tight schedule, and how to place a healthy amount of value on academia itself. These lessons have supported me from 2017 onwards, ensuring I am a cheerier and healthier student.  For further information regarding Life Tools, please click here.

Also, I frequent the Life Tools blog from time to time, which is extremely useful for obtaining some brief and valuable tips to aid in your personal development.

I hope this help, guys! Thanks!



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