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There are times, especially at university, when it can feel tough to get out and socialise with people if you aren’t drinking. For Alcohol Awareness Week 2018, Rebecca has shared some of her favourite alcohol-free ways to have fun and spend quality time with friends.

Headlines this year showed that 1 in 5 university students say they don’t drink alcohol – and as a generation we drink far less than those before us. Drivers of this trend include the increased health awareness of students, wider diversity of faiths and the financial burden of studying. Whether you tried it for Sober October, or are planning on giving your liver and bank account a break in Dry January – here are some ways to spend your time teetotal and not be missing out on all the fun!

Firstly it can be hard to justify spending money when on a tight budget – however by saving money on alcohol/going out, you can spend that same amount of money on teetotal-time instead (and probably get more for your money!). Here are some fun things I do when I’m not drinking and encouraging friends to join me – although it can be difficult to persuade them at first, after they see what a good time you can have without drinking, you’ll be planning a lot more teetotal trips out!

  1. A nice meal out: Reading is full of great, affordable options if you’re looking to eat out. Bakery House offer a delicious and budget-friendly taste of Lebanese cuisine, and if Italian food is more your thing, give Buon Appetito a try for their awesome pizza and atmosphere. The best part of a nice meal out, sans the alcohol? The vastly decreased bill at the end!
  2. A trip to the cinema: As activities go, the cinema isn’t known for being the cheapest of options – but your handy student card will get you a discount at Vue, and it’s always worth keeping your eyes open for their special offers on tickets.
  3. A movie night in with all the snacks: Like being at the cinema, but with more sofas and blankets, and the ability to have a pizza delivered without getting kicked out. What’s not to love?
  4. Trampolining: Definitely an activity to be attempted sober! RedKangaroo Reading even have a Total Wipeout style course if you’re feeling ambitious.
  5. Crazy Golf: This will involve a bit of travel, so is a great option if one of your friends has a car, or you’re willing to travel the half-hour or so into London to check out some of the awesome themed courses on offer across the city.
  6. Bowling: Again, you may have to travel further afield for this one – why not spend some of the money you save on drinks and travel into nearby London to check out one of their unique bowling alleys?
  7. Quiz & Karaoke at Mojo’s: Test your general knowledge skills and sing the night away every Thursday with RUSU! The quiz kicks off at 8pm, but get there early to secure a table – it costs just £5 per team to join.
  8. RUSU Comedy Central: If you’re not a quiz fan and the idea of singing in a public space fills you with dread, perhaps a comedy night would be a better fit for you. Comedy Central Live takes place on Tuesdays in 3Sixty. Book tickets and check out other weekly RUSU events
  9. Join the society ‘R U Not Drinking Much’: This society was established to give students the opportunity to have fun and socialise without alcohol. You can get involved in movie nights, board game nights and off-campus trips – and membership is free!

Let us know in the comments below if you make one of these alcohol free swaps from your usual drinking activities! If you would like to know more about drug and alcohol advice provided at the University, click here.

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