Reading Knights Athletics Club Review

Rebecca shares her experience with the Reading Knights Athletics Club…

If even after panic signing up to nearly every society at the sports fair, and attending numerous taster sessions, you didn’t manage to give athletics a go – I hope this review of Reading University Knights Athletics club (RUKA) will provide some insight into the offerings of the society.

Firstly – for new runners, joining an athletics club can be quite intimidating. As someone who recently took up running myself, I found often despite clubs advertising ‘all abilities welcome’ I was the only person at my ability (rather slow!). However, RUKA genuinely does have members of all abilities, and every speed is welcome to join the runs. This is so refreshing and welcoming, and in my personal opinion, one of the best things about the society.

The Society is structured around the four key aspects of a good running programme: strength, endurance, tempo & speed work. A typical week looks like:

Monday am – Circuits with coach

Monday pm – 5k road run

Wednesday afternoon – Half Marathon training: longer run

Friday pm – Track session

The athletics society competes in cross-country races as a part of LUCA (London Universities & Colleges Athletics), as well as BUCS and track events. These races are actually (somewhat surprisingly) great fun. Mostly held in/near London, there is a great vibe brought by the likes of UCL, St Mary’s, Kings & Imperial.

For more info and how to get involved check out the RUKA RUSU page, where you can find the link to the Facebook group:


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