Happy Holidays and Happier Studying!

Christmas is coming! Liam shares his tips on staying productive during the holidays.

Hey guys, as the festive season (and a well-deserved break) is approaching, I thought I would share 4 quick tips on how I improved the quality of my studying during the holidays.

My hometown, Milton Keynes, during the festive season is amazing.

  1. Balance

The term ‘holidays’ can certainly be a deceiving one. While it is perfectly reasonable to have as much fun as you can during this time, it is also perfectly reasonable to make sure you get some studying done. In other words, it is about learning to create a harmony between work and play. Personally, I found that if I spent my mornings studying, I could spend the rest of my day binging Queer Eye on Netflix. (It really is such a wonderful, wholesome TV show.)

  1. Planning ahead

I know, I know, the last thing you want to be thinking about is the next term when you have finally entered the holidays. However, I cannot emphasise enough how important it is to check how your modules are structured for the next term. Typically, I look at my reading lists to see what books I have to study for each week. In fact, during the holidays I tend to read the first halves of my reading lists, which significantly reduces my workload for the following term.

  1. Schedules

Looking at a schedule during the holidays is akin to having to sit through Antiques Roadshow—it is not the most exhilarating thing. Despite all that, a schedule is a way of providing your day with some structure, and it makes you aware of the fact that you need to reserve some time for yourself to study. Having a schedule does not have to be an overcomplicated, month-long Excel spreadsheet. In actuality, I spare 5 minutes every morning to write a Word document with a few tasks and some accompanying time slots. For example, “Read 70 pages of William Shakespeare’s The Tempest from 10:00am to 11:00am’.

  1. Study Space

I will keep this one short and snappy as my word count is running out (I am sure you are all relieved by that). When I am at home during the holidays it can be a bit on the noisy side, so I found some local study spaces—such as my library and Starbucks—to keep myself focused on my work.

In my hometown, Campbell Park is such a relaxing place to study.

Well, I hope those tips helped out! Have a great holiday, guys!

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