How to Relax When You’re Stressed

Between studies, work, and socialising, university can be a stressful time. Lucy has some great advice to help you relax when stress levels start to rise!

Without a doubt, university can be incredibly stressful.  You’re at university to study, but your social life is just as important and so finding the perfect balance between the two can be pretty hard! Stress is all consuming and will have both a physical and mental effect, but it is easily avoidable. Here are my tips on how to relax:

  1. See your friends and family. Finding the right balance between work and play is crucial. Cutting out too much work will make you stressed, and cutting out too much play will do the same. Seeing friends is a good way to relax and have fun.
  2. Yoga and meditation. I cannot stress enough how amazing yoga is for stress relief. It is one of my favourite ways to chill when everything is getting a bit much. It encourages you to focus on what is happening right in that moment, to focus on your breathing and the sensations in your body. You may feel silly the first time you try yoga, but anyone can do it and it’s free. I would recommend Yoga with Adriene on YouTube. She makes it accessible and fun. Check out her yoga for stress video here.
  3. If yoga isn’t for you, plain old exercise is good for stress relief as it releases endorphins and makes you feel happy.
  4. It’s pretty hard to feel stressed when you’re laughing, so watch a funny movie or see a friend who makes you laugh.
  5. Don’t procrastinate. I know this is easier said than done, we’ve all been there at 2am desperately trying to finish that assignment that’s due the next day. Once you get an assignment, or even just a small piece of work, go and do it almost straight away, that way you have time to do it bit by bit, and there’s none of that stress when all of a sudden the deadline is closing in and you’ve not done anything.
  6. Make a schedule and carve out time for uni work. I like to set out an hour or two each day for any work I need to do, because then I’m not spending the entirety of a day studying. When I have multiple deadlines all at once, I set a week for each one. Focusing on one thing at a time really helps.
  7. Never work later than 7pm (8pm at the very latest). The later you work the more you damage your sleep. The quality of your sleep is so important to stress relief and therefore try to relax in the evenings. Take some time for yourself by watching some TV or eating your favourite food.

Remember that stress can always be easily relieved, not just through these tips but also through many more. The main thing is that you don’t let the stress build up inside you until it all becomes too much. Notice the symptoms early and focus on yourself and how you feel.

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