Motivational message for first term essay deadlines

Third year English Literature student, Grace, gives some advice to new students that have completed their first term at university…

First of all, well done for making it this far. University is no easy feat and the first term in my opinion was the hardest as not only are you adjusting to University teaching but also adjusting to University life. Adapting to coming back from a day at University and having to do your own washing and cooking your dinner. (I apologize if you were already doing this before University and were not wrapped in cotton wool like myself). However, regardless first term can be physically and mentally draining at times. If you ever feel like you aren’t capable just remind yourself that you would not have got this far if you weren’t.


Writing academically at University is something that I had never come across before. Writing to the standard and level of comprehension required to do well at university is something that had never been expected of me throughout school. So that itself is something you find yourself having to very quickly adapt and get used to. The main piece of advice I would give to prepare yourself for this is to plan your time and plan your essays. Planning was something I had never really given much thought or time to prior to University. I cannot stress how effective and useful I found planning my work to be. By now I’m sure you will have recognised the level of independence that is expected when writing your essays. You don’t have a teacher over your shoulder reminding you to get your work done. However, it is also worth mentioning that if you don’t do as well as you hope, don’t panic. There is a reason that first year doesn’t count towards your final degree, a seminar leader told me that it’s because the department and university appreciate how different university is. This leaves room for practising, making mistakes and learning from them. But most importantly, stay positive, stay confident, and keep going!



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