Our student writers


Hi, I’m Rebecca – a third year Accounting & Business student on the PwC ‘Flying Start Programme’ with the Henley Business School. I have lived in halls all three years – In Childs hall as a fresher and in a Stenton townhouse in my second and third year. This year I have joined the athletics society, training with the team 3 times a week for the Reading Half Marathon, and representing the Uni in cross country races.




Hi there, I’m Emily and I’m a third-year student reading History and English Literature.

When I’m not in the Library trying to find the one available copy of that ‘high-demand novel no-one else on your course bought either’, I’m probably with one of the many societies I’m involved with. I have a bit of a last-minute lifestyle due to my busy timetable but I really want to make the most of my time studying here and hope to share my tips and experiences on how you can make the most of your time too.

I am also a self-proclaimed theatre addict and bookworm but you’ll probably find I spend most of my evenings at the Reading Film Theatre; watching some avant-garde films that didn’t quite make it to VUE Reading.




I first started university many years ago, then dropped out as a result of health issues, as well as realising I had no idea why I had chosen my subject. Years of work, travel, and false starts later – I made the decision to return to university and now study BA English Literature with Creative Writing, while working both as a cocktail bartender and freelance writer. I’m interested in troubled youth, wilderness therapy and the development of masculine identity. I can normally be found in the kitchen trying new recipes, and/or drinking way too much coffee.



Hi! I’m Abi, currently studying MSc Environmental Management. I completed my BSc in Geography at Reading in 2018.

I am a German-Tamil from London. I love telling stories through paint, learning, meeting new people but often spend too much time watching films and listening to music.

You can find me thriving towards environmental excellence at the University as Sustainability Assistant, making the best coffee on campus at the ICMA Cafe bar or drowning in books in the Library.



TUHi, my name is Taz. I’m a Part 2 student of English Language and Applied Linguistics and hope to enter the field of Journalism after I graduate. I am currently Print Editor of the University’s Spark Newspaper and enjoy producing independent written work in my own time.

I’m particularly interested in lifestyle content, such as featured and advice articles, however also really enjoy entertainment writing owing to my engagement with performing arts for the most part of my life.



LASHi guys, I’m Liam and I’m a fourth year studying for the MA in English. I was born and raised in Milton Keynes (‘Is that the place with all the roundabouts?’) and I lived in Mackinder Hall during my first year.

When I’m not reading boatloads of literary criticism I’ll either go for a long run, cook up a vegetarian dish, or watch a very pretentious film.

On top of that, I really like to engage with what’s going on at the University:  I frequent the Feminist Society’s debates; I submit to the Creative Writing Anthology; and I love a good dance at Union!



MK1Hi, I’m Melissa, a music and travel enthusiast. You can normally find me in the Psychology building in the speech therapy department or working in Mojo’s. I enjoy writing about all things Reading University and trying new things that the University has to offer. I’ll be writing content, giving tips and advice about the University as well as writing reviews on things happening around campus.


Lucy LH

Hi, I’m Lucy and I’m a third year Italian student. I’m originally from Essex but am currently living in Bologna in Italy as part of my year abroad.

I am absolutely Italy obsessed and love everything about it from the food, to the art, to the Italian way of life.

In my spare time I love to practise yoga as it is amazing for both your physical and mental health. It has made me more mindful and a more positive person in general.

I also enjoy shopping, binge watching Grey’s Anatomy and going out to eat at different restaurants!



Hi, I’m Rebecca – a second year Accounting student on the PWC ‘Flying Start Degree’. Originally from Dorset, I Lived in Childs hall in my first year, and a Stenton townhouse in my second.

My hobbies include procrastinating, watching Netflix, scrolling through social media and eating at least 4 times the ‘recommended serving’ size.

Joking aside, I enjoy going to the gym, going home to see my puppy & sisters and eating a lot of ‘weird’ healthy food.



Rather than writing a paragraph, I thought I’d share 8 random facts about myself:

  • I am a 4th year doing MSci Psychological Theory and Practice and qualified as a PWP in my 3rd year
  • I was born in Bristol, raised in Surrey and now live in Stenton Townhouses.
  • I talk to anyone about anything but usually I’ll be there to support you and be a listening ear!
  • I am Dyslexic and passionate about Mental Health, Child Development and
  • Disabilities.
  • I go to the gym alot (no cardio thank you) but love Netflix and seeing my friends and family.
  • Addicted to Ketchup, popcorn and fizzy lemon/lime water.
  • I work as bank staff PWP and have worked as a Research Assistant whilst doing UROP. I came second in my category and presented at a national conference.
  • I have danced my whole life, Irish is my favourite.