Our student writers

Alexander Scott

Hi, I’m Alexander and I’m a 3rd year Theatre Arts, Education and Deaf Studies student. Outside of my course I really enjoy getting stuck in with the Christian Union and a local church, they’re both such a friendly bunch! In my spare time I like to do some crafts and during the summer holidays I enjoy going away to France.

Ciara Roddy

My name is Ciara Roddy and I’m a History and English Literature student, which is really fun – although it’s a lot less reading of Harry Potter and more Charles Dickens, but I got over that pretty quickly. I’m in the Drama Society and love to produce plays and do the marketing for university plays and for local theatre companies in Reading. I’m a singer but not a dancer (it’s not something you want to see, trust me) and I love to act! I also have a passion for writing, marketing and publishing and hope to have a career in it someday.

Rebecca Hart

Hi, I’m Rebecca – a second year Accounting student on the PWC ‘Flying Start Degree’. Originally from Dorset, I Lived in Childs hall in my first year, and a Stenton townhouse in my second.

My hobbies include procrastinating, watching Netflix, scrolling through social media and eating at least 4 times the ‘recommended serving’ size.

Joking aside, I enjoy going to the gym, going home to see my puppy & sisters and eating a lot of ‘weird’ healthy food.

Holly Tarbet

I have spent three years at the University of Reading studying Human Geography and have just graduated with a 2:1. I enjoyed my time at Reading so much that I have stayed to study MSc Management at the Henley Business School. As a student communications ambassador, I hope to give insights into my experience in the Geography department, postgraduate life and the wider Henley Business School community.  I want to bridge the gap between the University and students, to ensure students, both current and upcoming, feel supported and know about the different services available to them.

Jack Abrey

I’m a third Year Human/Physical Geographer (less colouring than I had hoped for) and Studio Manager for Junction11 Radio. Passionate about Youth Social Action, Volunteering and the Third Sector and currently Chair of the Scout Associations Community Impact Group. Winner of the Points of Light Award from PM Theresa May. Personally thinks pineapple works well on a pizza…

Katherine Hobson

Hi, I’m Katherine, a second year Modern Foreign Languages student of French and Italian and the diversity representative for the MFL society. I love exploring new places, abroad and just in Reading, there’s always something new to find! I really enjoy music and film, and writing about anything that people may find useful. I hope you like my posts!

Kate Robinson

Rather than writing a paragraph, I thought I’d share 8 random facts about myself:

  • I study MSci Psychological Theory and Practice training in the NHS to be a Step-2 PWP.
  • I chat a lot but usually to support you and be a listening ear!
  • I danced my whole life, Irish is my favourite.
  • I work at the University Nursery, have completed URoP and worked as a Research Assistant.
  • I am Dyslexic and passionate about Mental Health, Child Development and Disabilities.
  • I have been a Social Secretary for PsychSoc, where we won “most improved Society” and “Best fundraising event of 2016/2017”

Nozomi Tolworthy

I’m a…

photographer, egg enthusiast, adventurer.

Hailing from Hong Kong, I am currently a BA Film student at the University of Reading studying both film and television theory as well as practice. When I’m not in the in the film department writing essays or making a film, I’m probably in the radio station on campus or you’ll find me editing photographs or a short film on my laptop, but either way, you will find me on my laptop, glued to the internet keeping up with the world.

Away from my laptop, I’ve tried to seek out as many adventures as I can. From a new creative media project to trying out new recipes and even travelling to places I’ve never been before – going on adventures, big and small.

I’m always looking for the next opportunity I can throw myself and my creativity into, from teaching young people in schools to helping organise and run a film festival and even taking up creative internships.

I can only begin to imagine what’s next.