VoIP Phones in Edith Morley

We have now installed VoIP phones in all centrally managed teaching spaces in Edith Morley to make it easier for staff to obtain assistance/report faults when using these rooms.  The number for our Service Desk is: 6262.  We will be continuing the roll-out of phones in Agriculture.

New AV installation in Food Biosciences Building

At the request of Jessica del Rio, Technical Manager, the AV Team have provided an AV solution in rooms 413 and 414 that enables teaching staff to display independently in either of the two rooms or to join the two rooms and display the same content in both.  Inputs can be taken from the resident PC, a laptop plugin and a ceiling mounted port for the connection of a HD microscope.  There were some design constraints so we had to use one projector and one 75″ screen with no dedicated lectern or room control.  Displays are controlled using independent remote control and PC-interfaced using the remote keyboard mouse.  Despite these limitations feedback on the installation and room use has been good:

  • this has all gone so smoothly, and been managed so well
  • really easy to use and set up
  • guys who used it for lectures seemed to really like it

Here is Jess (second from right) with some of our other happy customers!

Interactive monitors at TEL Roadshow

The AV Team will be demonstrating one of our new interactive monitors that are being installed as part of the upgrade of teaching spaces.  Come and have a look on the Information Technology stand at the TEL Roadshow on Tuesday, 11 July – 13:00-14:00, part of the TEL Fest being organised by the TEL Team in CQSD.


Teaching & Learning Facilities Survey 2017

Firstly, we apologise for presenting you with another survey.  However the TEL & AV Team are committed to improving teaching facilities and it is important that we get your feedback.  Please take a few minutes to complete our survey.  It is available here and will be open until 28th July, 2017.

Just to give you a few highlights of the work carried out since last year’s survey that has taken into account your feedback:

  • New AV upgrades carried out by the team provide high quality, energy efficient audio and video.  This can be experienced in 14 new teaching rooms in Chancellor’s Building.
  • The team have obtained approval and funding from the University to carry out a number of AV upgrades for the current financial year.  See here for the schedule of works: AV Upgrades.  We are also seeking approval to continue this work over at least the next 2 years.
  • Many of the issues highlighted in last year’s survey will be resolved as the upgrade work continues.  Our new lecterns have interactive monitors, in-built cables, document cameras, and more space for laptops as standard.
  • We are working with departments to ensure AV equipment meets requirements and have been able to carry out a number of installations in-house.
  • We are continuing to investigate new technologies such as ‘BYOD’.

If you should need a demonstration of our AV equipment, please book a session using this form: Equipment Demo/Training

For any questions about this survey, please contact Helena Bampton.

New 84″ Interactive screen install at London Road

This week we have completed a full update of AV equipment in room 102 building L22 at London Road. The Institute of Education have specific requirements for the use of interactive screens in their teaching rooms. The use of Large Interactive screens allow students studying to become teachers to work in a way that closely resembles school classrooms. Room 102 now has the following equipment.

Standard teaching lectern which includes, PC with interactive touch monitor, Document camera, VGA, HDMI, Audio jack plug-ins and 84″ interactive monitor.

If you are due to use the room, please let us know if you have any feedback.


AV Team

New AV installations Edith Morley

The AV team have recently completed new AV installations in two centrally bookable Edith Morley teaching rooms. Rooms 141 and 257 have received a full replacement of AV equipment and now have the following specifications.

141 – Standard teaching lectern with Crestron control panel, PC with Interactive touch monitor, Document camera, VGA, HDMI, Audio jack plug-ins and laser projection.

257 – As above but the room suited a 75″ flat panel LED screen rather than the laser projector.

Please use the rooms, we are always looking for feedback on our installations.

New Teaching Technology installations, Allen Lab and Palmer building

The AV team have completed three new teaching room AV installations, one in Allen Lab G09 and two in the Palmer building, G01 & G02. All three rooms now incorporate new teaching technology desks and display.  A 75″ high definition flat panel screens allow content to be displayed from the desk PC or choose HDMI or VGA connection for room users’ own devices. Control of the AV equipment has been simplified by using our standard Crestron control panel, consistent with all centrally bookable teaching rooms. Although all three rooms include a document camera, Palmer G01 and G02 both support the new generation document camera that allows easier writing positions for both left- and right-handed users. Palmer G01 also has the addition of an interactive monitor that allows users of the room to annotate and interact with content which is simultaneously displayed to the rest of the room. These new interactive monitors also have built-in camera and microphone allowing users to use software such as Skype for video link-up. Our new interactive monitors will be rolled out to all Palmer rooms in due course. We hope that all users of the equipment find the installation greatly improves the teaching and learning experience in this room. Feedback is greatly welcomed to help us understand room requirements. If you would like to know more about any of the technology in these or any other room, please get in touch via TOPdesk or the IT service desk to arrange a demonstration.