‘Social Media for Teaching & Learning’ Event @ UoR, Thursday 30 July 2015

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UoR staff gathered, last Thursday, at the Innovation Works for an event kindly organised by Botany Associate Professor, Alastair Culham (@BotanyRNG) examining our use of social media in teaching and learning.

Delegates from around the university were treated to a keynote from James Kieft (eLearning Manager at Reading College, @James_kieft) who reflected on how technology can enrich learning and engage students, and how Reading College has engaged in its practice Google Apps for Education.

James shared his resource-rich blog: http://james-thinks-its-worth-a-look.blogspot.co.uk/ – a useful resource providing access to a plethora of tools for all sorts of aspects of teaching and learning. He concluded his presentation with a fun, interactive logo quiz made using Quizizz.com.

A series of ‘lightning’ talks were then delivered from UoR staff reflecting a range of experiences:

Chris Dalton (@dalty) shared Henley Business School’s experiences us using social media on the MBA programme.

Jeanne-Louise Moyes (@jeannelouisem) explored the range of technology and social media tools Typography have enagaged with over the past year, including a student PLanT project to create an online, searchable resource bank.

Biology’s Becky Thomas (@BeckyMicroebus) explained how her department has used Facebook successfully in field work in Madagascar, Iceland and the UK.

And Kat Biknell from Pharmacology reflected honestly on her experiences of endeavouring to use Facebook for posting selfies of new students in Welcome Week, the difficulties and things learned for next time!

Thanks to Alastair Culham for initiating the forum as a useful exchange of ideas and good practice. ‘Lead by example’ was a recurring theme during the event!

If you are interested in finding out more about using social media effectively in teaching and learning, please contact the TEL team.

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