RESOLVED: Issue for students accessing feedback using My Grades on Turnitin Assignments: Error 2.6.8


See update: Turnitin connector updated: student access problem now resolved .

We have become aware of an issue that is affecting student access to feedback on a small number of Turnitin assignments. Students receive an error message when they attempt to access their assignment feedback using ‘My Grades’ in the module and click on the title of the assignment. Students are unable to access the ‘Review Assignment’ page and see their feedback. Instead, they see this error message (2.6.8 – the specified object was not found):

268 error screenshot







Staff do not see this error and will not be aware of the issue until it is reported to them by students. Unfortunately, this is caused by an error with the integration between Blackboard and Turnitin, but please don’t worry! The students’ feedback is all still there. Turnitin engineers are working to solve the problem for us as quickly as possible and we will, of course, let everyone know as soon as it is fixed.

Update 14th March

The cause of this problem has now been identified. IT have resolved the issue on courses which we know to be affected. 

If your students encounter the error message shown above, please ensure that a call is logged with the IT Service Desk.


Depending on how the assignment has been marked, please advise your students of the following workarounds:

1. If you have used Turnitin’s marking tools (GradeMark) to provide the feedback:
Ask the student to go back to the assignment submission point and click on the ‘View / Complete’ link to open the Assignment Inbox. They will then be able to click the ‘View’ button. This opens the Document Viewer showing their feedback.

Feel free to use this text to advise your students in this scenario:
There is currently a bug in the system that prevents you accessing your assignment using ‘My Grades’ in the module and accessing the Turnitin assignment by this route. To get around this, please go to the assignment submission point, where you originally submitted your work. Click on the ‘View / Complete’ link and then from the Assignment Inbox, click the ‘View’ button. This will give you access to your feedback. Apologies for the inconvenience – IT staff are working to resolve this.

2. If you have entered feedback using the Blackboard Grade Centre column > Attempt > ‘Modify Grade’ page (e.g. to attach a file):
Students cannot access feedback entered in this way. You will need to email the feedback to the students.

Apologies for the inconvenience this is causing. If your students are getting this error message when trying to access their feedback, please do log this, as usual, with the IT Helpdesk to enable us to let you know when the issue has been resolved.

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