Writing academically! Closing the gap for new students

With an increased focus on academic integrity across the Higher Education sector and regular stories in the press about the availability of online services that facilitate plagiarism, the ability to help incoming students to understand how to write academically is becoming more important.

Turnitin recently hosted a webinar entitled ‘Mind the gap: Helping students make the step up from Secondary Education’ in which two UK academics talked about how to prepare and support the academic writing skills of students entering Higher Education. They have made a recording of the webinar available for you to watch!

The webinar focuses on some practical examples and ideas for re-working your use of Turnitin GradeMark to make it more effective in delivering directed feedback. Many of the ideas are also transferable to any means of feedback, either electronic or paper based.

The presentation highlights the need to improve students’ academic literacy by:

  • Understanding the student perspective,
  • Their previous experiences,
  • And how students interpret the feedback they receive.

You can watch a recording of the webinar to learn more. Simply sign in with your email address.


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