NOW FIXED Copied courses 2016-17: DO NOT set up new assignments yet!

NOW Completed – Assignment submission points have been deleted and you can set up new assignments.

Important information for staff who will have 2016-17 copied courses (after roll-over) and who want to set up Turnitin or Blackboard assignments in Blackboard.

Note: This notice only applies to courses that are being rolled over and have copied content on Saturday 30th July and Saturday 6th August.

After your courses have been rolled over and content copied, the Turnitin assignment points from last year’s course will still be present in your 2016-17 course. These still need to be deleted.

The deletion of the assignment points will take place in the next couple of weeks.

To allow this work to happen, until further notice:

  1. DO NOT create any new assignment submission points.
  2. DO NOT make changes to the Turnitin submission points copied over from last year.

All Turnitin assignment points will disappear when the deletion process is carried out and any Turnitin assignment points you set up or edit in the 2016-17 course, before this happens, will be lost. We are also asking you not to set up any new Blackboard assignments during this time.

Update: deletion of copied Turnitin assignments is planned for the evening of Wednesday 17th August.


We will make an announcement to let you know when you are able to start setting up new assignments submissions in your copied courses for 2016-17.

Apologies for the inconvenience. We had hoped to remove the old Turnitin assignment points during the course copy process but, for this year only, it needs to be a separate process after roll-over and course copying have taken place. This work is being carried out by engineers at Blackboard.

If you have any questions or queries please contact us via the IT Self-Service portal or email .

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