e-Assessment: Assignment set-up essential advice


This post outlines some key information for setting up assignment submissions for the coming academic year, including how to’s, checklists and essential advice.





Set up new assignment submissions points and deploy Tests

Following changes to the annual course rollover process, assignment submission points and Grade Centre settings are no longer being included in the content copied from an existing course into the new instance of it for this academic year. This ensures students do not accidentally see incorrect submissions and avoids potential technical issues that can occur when submission points are re-used.


Simple e-submission set up checklist


How to set up a…

Warning: Avoid having Turnitin open in multiple tabs at the same time when setting up assignments. This can cause technical errors!

Follow the e-Submission Protocol when setting up submission points.


Release marks and feedback at the right time!

Check that the columns for each online assignment in the Grade Centre are hidden from students during submission and marking. This prevents students from seeing the marks and any online feedback you’ve entered until you are ready to release them.

Note: Turnitin assignments – Columns in the Grade Centre will be automatically un-hidden on the Post Date where ‘Yes’ was selected for ‘Reveal grades to students only on Post Date’ when setting up the assignment.


Blackboard Assignment tool – Be careful using Anonymous marking & Delegated marking

If you are thinking of or need to use either of these settings read the following advice that highlight the implications and limitations of each feature:


Turnitin – Anonymous marking


Maintain your current e-assessment practice

Schools have been advised to maintain their current e-assessment activity but NOT develop new approaches in this coming academic year 2016-17. This will allow the newly established Electronic Management of Assessment (EMA) programme to develop consistent approaches to e-assessment and put the necessary IT infrastructure in place to support this.

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