TEL Consultations

Would you like specific advice on your teaching practice using technology? Are you interested in finding out how you could:

  • Engage and support your students?Discussion
  • Enhance your teaching practice
  • Overview your module/course?

The TEL team are available to meet with you individually for an in-depth discussion and advice on your specific needs. The consultations are 30 min 1-to-1 sessions with a member of the team and are designed to provide you with advice and support on the effective use of technology in your teaching.

What topics can we advise on?

a. Supporting student learningSlide2

  • Using Blackboard effectively for communication, collaboration and learning
  • Designing online learning activities or assessed tasks using blogs, wikis or discussion boards


Slide4b. Assessment and Feedback: Plan e-assessment for your course: Setting up e-submission, undertaking e-marking, providing e-feedback

c. Student Engagement: Promoting interaction in lectures using technology (Apps/Quizzes)

d. Deploying and using tools effectively for a specific purpose: Designing a feedback rubric, setting up a Test to check understanding, using a blog to encourage critical reflection

e. Module design: Review an existing module or design a new module to include effective use of TEL

f. Teaching practiceSlide3

  • Discuss your teaching needs and identify appropriate TEL solutions
  • Advise on teaching approaches and techniques for delivering blended and online learning

g. VLE Administration (for Student Support Centre Staff): Managing and organising Blackboard around academic activity.

A list of dates is now published: Book your placeIf the times shown are not suitable, make a provisional booking and a TEL Advisor will contact you to arrange a suitable time following your reservation. And they count towards your professional development record!

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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