Turnitin High Resolution

Turnitin are now publishing papers in a higher resolution in the Feedback Studio.

At the bottom of the document viewer, you’ll now find a High Resolution toggle which can be switched On and Off at your own convenience. It will save this preference for any future visits you make to Feedback Studio, too.  If you do experience slowness loading papers, switch this feature off.

Blackboard Course Rollover 2018

Creating and populating Blackboard courses for the 2019-19 Academic Year: advance notice of schedule and actions required.


The essentials

Course rollover is the annual process whereby Blackboard courses from the current academic year are copied for use in the next academic year.

Course rollover for 2018-19 will take place on Saturday 30th June 2018.

Blackboard will be unavailable while course copying takes place, approximately 08:00 – 17:00 BST.

Rollover this year will follow a very similar pattern to in Summer 2017.

The default is that any RISIS module or programme

  • which was used in Blackboard in the current academic year (i.e. in 2017-18)
  • and is scheduled to run again in the new academic year (i.e. in 2018-19)

will be automatically copied forward as part of Course Rollover.

The vast majority of Blackboard courses fall into this category.

If a course you are teaching or supporting meets these criteria, and you are happy for the 2017-18 course to be copied forward, NO ACTION IS REQUIRED at this time.

Module Convenors will be automatically enrolled onto the 2018-19 Blackboard course, regardless of whether

  • the module ran in 2017-18
  • a Blackboard course copy has been requested



ACTION IS REQUIRED in the following cases – click on the link for further details.

I’m redesigning my Blackboard course and would like to start from scratch

Module Convenors can choose to opt out of course copy

My RISIS Module did not run in 2017-18

…but I would like content to be copied from a previous Blackboard course.

I am teaching a Module with a new RISIS code

…and would like content to be copied from an existing Blackboard course.

I want to use a Blackboard Shared Course

We are introducing some changes this year so please read this section carefully if you currently use a Shared Course in Blackboard.

We will be distinguishing between

  • Merged Courses
    Used when you have a set of closely related modules, and you want to administer them as a single course in Blackboard.
    A Merged Course always replaces the individual Blackboard courses.
  • Supplementary Courses
    Used when you want a shared Blackboard space in addition to individual RISIS modules or programmes.

I use a Non-RISIS course in Blackboard


Further information

Full details of Course Rollover 2018

The Course Copy and Opt-out request forms are currently being updated. You will be notified as soon as these are ready for use.

If you have any queries, please log a ticket via the IT Service Desk, and a member of the TEL team will respond.

The University’s Policy on Inclusive T&L , Free Webinars on Accessibility and Global Accessibility Day

17 May 2018 will see the sixth Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD). “The purpose of GAAD is to get everyone talking, thinking and learning about digital (web, software, mobile, etc.) access/inclusion and people with different disabilities.”

A number of events (f2f and online) are being scheduled for the day, including Free webinars by Blackboard. These will inform our practice, so that it aligns with the University’s Policy on Inclusive Practice in Teaching and Learning.

Further resources and information:
1. JISC: https://accessibility.jiscinvolve.org/wp/2017/05/11/global-accessibility-awareness-day-matters-everyone/
2. Blackboard: Free webinars