Blackboard Course Rollover 2019

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Course rollover is the annual process whereby Blackboard courses from the current academic year are copied for use in the next academic year.

This post is to provide advance notice that

Course rollover for 2019-20 will take place on Saturday 29th June

Blackboard downtime will be required, approximately 08:00 – 17:00 BST.

The process for 2019-20 will follow a very similar pattern to last year.

The default position is that any RISIS module or programme

  • which was used in Blackboard in the current academic year
    (i.e. in 2018-19)
  • and is scheduled to run again in the new academic year
    (i.e. in 2019-20)

will be automatically copied forward as part of Course Rollover.

The vast majority of Blackboard courses normally fall into this category.

There are some circumstances where course copying will only take place on request – this applies particularly to Merged and Supplementary courses.

Full details will be circulated shortly, once the Course Copy Request Form has been updated for 2019.