Blackboard upgrade complete

Blackboard has been successfully upgraded, and you can now log in again.


For those of you who like to know such things, we are now on Blackboard 9.1, Q2 2019 release, Cumulative Update 2.

You will notice little change in the new release, but it incorporates over 200 bug fixes, and there are additional behind-the-scenes changes designed to improve security and performance.

One change which will be more apparent to students is that – because we use the UK English language pack – when they access the ‘My Grades’ screen this now appears as ‘My Marks’.

This does not automatically change the name of the link on your course menu, but before the start of term we plan to ask Blackboard to update the ‘My Grades’ link on all 2019-20 courses to ‘My Marks and Feedback’. We will keep you updated on this and other enhancements introduced over the summer.