Tests and Surveys

You can use Blackboard to set online tests for your students. Formative tests can be useful to check and reinforce student learning, or as a revision aid. Online tests can also be used as a formal assessment mechanism.

There are around 20 different types of test available within Blackboard, including

  • Calculated Formula
  • Fill in the Blank
  • Hot Spot
  • Multiple Choice
  • Short Answer

In cases such as Multiple Choice where an answer is either right or wrong, Blackboard will also mark the students’ work, provide feedback (determined in advance by the lecturer), and enter the score into the Grade Centre. The Instructor can then view students’ scores in the Grade Centre, and provide further support where needed – see our separate user guides on the Blackboard Grade Centre.

Making use of a Test in Blackboard involves three main steps:

  1. create test
  2. make test available to students (deploy the test)
  3. view test results via the Grade Centre

This guide covers all stages of the process: A guide to Blackboard Tests



Clearing and submitting ‘in progress’ test attempts

Using Negative Scoring (how to deduct scores for incorrect answers)

Downloading test results

Running a test analysis

Copying a test from one Blackboard course to another

Importing test questions from Excel

Blackboard Help pages: Tests, Surveys and Pools

Question Pools (Blackboard Help pages)
A question pool is a collection of test questions that can be reused in multiple tests – for instance when creating a Test you could choose to display 10 questions at random from a Pool of 50 questions, or a selection of questions from several Pools.


Surveys in Blackboard behave in most respects like Tests.


  • survey questions have no right or wrong answer
  • students’ answers to survey questions are always anonymous.

Blackboard Surveys: How to view results of a Blackboard Survey


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