Course Roll-over & Requests


Course rollover is the annual process whereby Blackboard courses from the current academic year are copied for use in the next academic year.

Course rollover for 2018-19 will take place on Saturday 30th June 2018

Blackboard downtime will be required, approximately 08:00 – 17:00 BST.


The process for 2018-19 will follow a very similar pattern as last year.


The default position is that any RISIS module or programme

  • which was used in Blackboard in the current academic year (i.e. in 2017-18)
  • and is scheduled to run again in the new academic year (i.e. in 2018-19)

will be automatically copied forward as part of Course Rollover.

The vast majority of Blackboard courses fall into this category.

If a course you are teaching or supporting meets these criteria, and you are happy for the 2017-18 course to be copied forward, NO ACTION IS REQUIRED AT THIS TIME.



ACTION IS REQUIRED in the following cases.

In all cases the deadline is the close of play on Tuesday 26th June.

I’m redesigning my Blackboard course and would like to start from scratch

If you would prefer to set your 2018-19 course up from scratch, perhaps with a new menu structure, and uploading only the specific content you need for the coming year, IT will provide you with a blank course shell.

Course Rollover Opt-out form is available for staff who do not want their 2017-18 course to be copied forward.

Please note that the opt-out form is accessible only to staff who are identified in RISIS as Module Convenor for 2018-19 modules.

Why might I choose this option?

Last year the academics who chose to opt out of rollover were taking over as new Module Convenors, and wanted to reorganise their Blackboard sites

  • to make them easier for students to navigate
  • to better reflect the way that they planned to deliver the module.

This year one entire School and one Department have chosen not to have their Blackboard courses copied forward. This is so they can respond to student feedback by introducing a standard course menu and navigation across all of their courses.


My RISIS Module did not run in 2017-18

A blank course shell will be set up for 2018-19.

You can submit a request using the Course Copy Request Form for content to be copied to the new 2018-19 course from the 2016-17 Blackboard course.


I am teaching a brand new RISIS Module

A blank course shell will be set up with the new module code.

If you are listed as the Module Convenor for the new code (you can check this at you will be automatically enrolled onto the new Blackboard course.


I am teaching a Module with a new RISIS code

A blank course shell will be set up for 2018-19 with the new module code.

If you are listed as the Module Convenor for the new code (you can check this at you will be automatically enrolled onto the new Blackboard course.

If you wish, you can submit a request using the Course Copy Request Form for content to be copied to the new 2018-19 course from an appropriate 2017-18 or 2016-17 Blackboard course.

Please specify the new RISIS module code in the ‘Destination Course Code’ field.


I want to use a Blackboard Shared Course

Some back-end changes are being introduced this year in relation to Shared Courses.

We plan to distinguish between

  • Merged Courses
    Used when you have a set of closely related modules, and you want to administer them as a single course in Blackboard.
    A Merged Course replaces the individual Blackboard courses.
  • Supplementary Courses
    Used when you want a shared Blackboard space in addition to individual RISIS modules or programmes.
    Please note: Supplementary Courses should not be used to deliver summative assessment, as this is not supported by the forthcoming Blackboard-RISIS integration.


It has always been the case that Shared Courses are not copied forward by default. Similarly, staff requiring Merged or Supplementary courses in 2018-19 will need to take action in order to have these set up as desired.

Please use the Course Copy Request Form and select Shared-> Merged or Shared -> Supplementary as appropriate.

More detail can be found here: Merged Courses and Supplementary Courses.



Non-RISIS courses

Non-RISIS Courses are not copied forward by default.

If you are responsible for a non-RISIS Course in Blackboard and you want it copied forward for use in 2018-19, please use the Course Copy Request Form.

Under ‘Select Type of Course Copy’ select Single -> Single, and make any changes required.



Courses in Malaysia

We are working with Kannan Sankaran, Head of Business Systems for UoRM, to coordinate details and ensure that Rollover works as desired. We would encourage colleagues responsible for modules delivered in Malaysia to discuss your requirements directly with Kannan.


The same Rollover defaults apply to courses offered at the University of Reading Malaysia as in the rest of the University.

So courses which ran in Malaysia in 2017-18 will be copied forward for 2018-19

e.g. AC103-17-8MA will be copied forward to AC103-18-9MA

There is one exception to this. For modules which run multiple times during the year, we will copy forward the Blackboard course ending MA, but not courses ending in MB or MC,  which are not due to run again until Spring or Summer 2019.

e.g. we won’t copy any content to AC103-18-9MB, PY0PSY-18-9MC as part of Course Rollover.

UoRM staff can request course copies for these Spring and Summer occurrences nearer the time, to ensure that the most appropriate content is being copied forward.

Courses which have never run previously in Malaysia will be set up as blank course shells.

Staff can use the Course Copy Request Form to request that content from the corresponding Reading course is copied for use in Malaysia.


Which parts of my course will be copied?

What will be copied:

  • All course content will be copied.
  • Blackboard Tests and Surveys will be copied, but NOT deployed to users  (made available to users) – you will need to deploy them with appropriate settings on the new course.
  • Talis reading list links will be copied, but you will need to configure them for use by students in the new academic year.

 What will not be copied:          

  • Blackboard and Turnitin Assignments will not be copied.
    You will need to create assignment submission points with appropriate settings on the new course.
    Why will assignments not be copied?
  • Announcements, discussion boards, blogs, journals and wikis will not be copied.


  • All Instructors, Teaching Assistants and External Examiners will be copied during the summer course rollover.
  • In addition all staff who are listed as a 2018-19 Module Convenor in RISIS will be enrolled on the corresponding Blackboard course.
    This applies equally to courses which were copied, and to courses which have been set up as a blank shell.
    If you are a Module Convenor for a module which runs both in Reading and Malaysia, you will see all 2018-19 occurrences of the module in Blackboard.
  • No other users will be copied.
  • Groups will not be copied.


Staff members no longer involved in course delivery

Inevitably, given that we copy staff enrolments forward each year, many Blackboard courses have enrolments for staff members who are no longer involved in delivery of the module.

There are various workarounds to prevent such enrolments being copied to 2018-19 courses:


After rollover – preparing your courses for the new academic year

Once courses for the new academic year have been created in Blackboard, there are a number of steps staff will need to take to make them ready for use by students – please see How do I prepare my course for the new academic year?

Please DO NOT SET OLD COURSES AS UNAVAILABLE – it has been agreed by DELT that students should continue to have access to all of the Blackboard courses relevant to their programme of study
i.e. a final undergraduate student should still be able to access their Blackboard courses from Parts 1 and 2.

This is so that they can access course materials and all feedback received from staff.

2 thoughts on “Course Roll-over & Requests

  1. Hi
    Quick query as we start to look at our rollover for this summer; I like the idea of not including the assessments, as they have caused a few problems for us in the past (and, TII’s message about what happens when you recycle does not make it clear that the data will stay in the course you rolled over from .. )

    However, looking at the course rollover options, we can’t see an obvious way to roll over content, but not assessments. How do you achieve that? [I have asked in Blackboard community ( ) – as I remember reading others doing the same, but not yet seen a response]

    • For the first time last year, we excluded the Grade Centre from our rollover process.

      This meant that Blackboard Assignments weren’t copied at all (the content areas they were in get copied, but not the assignments themselves).

      Tests get copied (under Control Panel > Course Tools) but are similarly not deployed in course content areas.

      Turnitin assignments do get copied, but give an error when you click on them.

      We paid Blackboard Consulting to build us a building block to delete Turnitin assignments on all of the new courses, immediately after rollover.

      We use Turnitin Blackboard Basic – I don’t know if the tool would have to be adapted for use with Blackboard Direct.


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