Assignment Tool

The Blackboard Assignment Tool allows students to submit work electronically for assessment. The work is then available to tutors to view and mark online, and enter feedback electronically via the Grade Centre.

The Assignment tool is fully integrated with the Grade Centre and provides the following features:

  • Submission for:
  • Anonymous marking
  • Inline grading (on-screen view of the submitted assignment with the ability to annotate the paper).
  • File attachment for feedback sheets


Set up & Guidance

Checklist: 6 STEPS to setting up problem free Blackboard assignments

Creating a Blackboard Assignment

Providing clear instructions to students (including text for a Disclaimer for Blackboard Assignments & link to sample instructions)

Adding the ‘My Grades’ tool as a menu item in a course

Blackboard Assignment workflows

Hints and Tips for using Blackboard’s Assignment Tool

Blackboard assignment submission receipts


Marking & Feedback

Marking a Blackboard Assignment online using the in-built tool (Inline Grading)

Downloading Blackboard Assignment files

Blackboard Assignments – how to open a file attached in the ‘Feedback to Learner’ section

Marking in Blackboard when students have not submitted online

How to clear a Blackboard Assignment submission 

How to use Rubrics (online marking grid)


Blackboard Inline Grading and Crocodoc

Please note: The company who own Crocodoc are moving to a new tool called Box. We will be making the transition to Box at the start of the working day on Wednesday 10th January 2018.

For details see Changes to Inline Grading in Blackboard.


Anonymous Marking:

Guide – How to mark anonymously

Essential AdviceAnonymous marking with Blackboard Assignments

Marking a Blackboard Assignment with usernames hidden


Delegated Marking:

Please note: there are a number of Known Issues associated with the use of Delegated Marking in Blackboard, and we would encourage colleagues NOT to enable this feature.

How to double mark using delegated marking

Essential AdviceDelegated marking with Blackboard Assignments



Student Guides

Help for students submitting to Blackboard assignments (Student support site)

Blackboard Assignment: A student guide to submitting assignments and viewing marks and feedback

Student guide to finding marks and feedback on Blackboard

There is a site where students can test that their file will upload and display correctly in Blackboard – go to

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